Serial killer or something else sinister in Georgia?

Wess Haubrich
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Police are not ruling out the possibility of a serial killer with two sets of human remains being found. Obviously, they cannot say for certain as there are only two victims.

Three suspects arrested for the murder of two women found last Tuesday in a wooded area behind a busy shopping center in Henry County may be connected to another woman’s death, this time in Dekalb County, almost 45 minutes north, near Atlanta.

The state has charged the three in the murder of Mirsha Victor, aged 23, of Dekalb, where she was reported missing.

Police have thus far confirmed Victor was killed in Henry County, but they had failed to identify her body, until now. Investigators believe she was killed July 8, the same day she was reported missing in the vicinity of Panthersville.

The hypothesis being worked out now is that Victor is one of the Henry County Jane Does. This is buttressed by the digital forensics Dekalb County is carrying out. They managed to ping Victor’s cellphone to an apartment very close to where the Jane Does were found. Dennis Lane, age 41, rented the flat.

Dekalb and Henry investigators decided they were going to go and talk to Lane, especially after Victor’s mother said he wanted to speak with her “in person at his home”.

Lane claimed he “was not a bad guy” as detectives from both counties detained him and executed a search warrant. Henry County noticed blood on the floor, in the bathroom, and an entire mattress missing. A white mattress coated with blood stains was in the dumpster within view of Lane’s apartment. Lane’s neighbors remember seeing Victor’s car at the apartment complex too.

Based on this new information and further interrogation, police were able to arrest Ronisha Preckwinkle and Cleounsee Fisher.

Despite this strong – albeit somewhat circumstantial evidence – police are not ruling out the possibility of a serial killer where they simply haven’t found the other victims yet or have and they have not been able to connect the threads… yet.

We’ll update you as we hear more on this case.

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