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Arlington, TX firefighter believed to have been kidnapped & murdered on a trip to Cancun

Wess Haubrich
Elijah Snow``Family

The case is an odd one.

Elijah Snow was found dead early Monday morning at the resort where they were staying, according to Snow’s father-in-law Randy Elledge.

The incident itself happened on the first night of the couple’s stay at their all-inclusive resort. The digs were nice – they deserved a little luxuriating right on the beach and near the famous strip of shops. Elijah works damned hard as a firefighter – his father was killed on duty as one in 1985, and his father-in-law is also a retired firefighter.

Jamie and Elijah had a few drinks at the resort bar before heading to their room for the night.

This is where things get a little… visibly weird. On the way to their room, Elijah just stopped – in some kind of fugue state – facing the lobby bar where the couple was coming from. She thought nothing of it – assuming her husband would join her later that night.

When she woke at around 4:00 AM to an empty bed, she knew something was up. Jamie Snow began scouring the resorts for anything she could find about her husband.

That’s when a local told her about the man found dead. Possibly between the walls of the two resorts that butted up to each other.

The family did not believe this story for a moment, so they hired a local attorney. This attorney was able to dig up some crime scene/autopsy photographs of Elijah Snow. Randy Elledge says these photos are not consistent with the official “fall” narrative as they show bruises and marks all over his body but not on his neck and face.

Certain family members are in Mexico still trying to gather as much information as possible. Watch this space for more information as it comes out.

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