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Update: “Crappy Politics” part deux, the Serial Pooper is sentenced

Wess Haubrich
Jerry DetrickThe Smoking Gun

He pled no contest to misdemeanor littering.

You may remember one Jerry Detrick of Greenville, OH – a city northwest of Dayton, and within spitting distance of the Indiana border.

Mr. Detrick is a retired high school teacher and the Serial Pooper who rather drunkenly claimed he was “a Trump Man” after he was caught squatting in Matthew Guyette’s – a Biden supporter’s – yard. Detrick said he targets Guyette and his husband because the two “are Democrats and support Joe Biden”, while Detrick is “a Trump Man.” The two lived near each other but walking home from his favorite bar, as Detrick liked to do, means he had to physically walk a different path to get to Guyette’s yard first.

Detrick admitted to relieving himself in Guyette’s yard multiple times before and after the election. He had no idea of specific dates or how many times he defecated there, but he was certain it was many times.

On May 30, he was handed a citation for misdemeanor littering, then told to walk the few blocks to his house and sleep off the bender he was on – which he did peaceably, but not before explaining that he’s done this multiple times in Guyette’s yard, including restaurant napkins he used to… clean himself after the act.

Now the Evil Criminal Genius that is Serial Pooper will, is facing a 20-day sentence in the county jail, to be served solely at the court’s discretion. Detrick also received one year of probation, ordered to do 30 hours of community service. He will also have to pay fines and court costs of $232. The judge in the case is also requiring Detrick to write a letter of apology to Guyette.

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