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Wess Haubrich
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What would happen when two best friends were gunned down in their teenage years, would leave two families heartbroken and justifiably fuming at the funeral home that helped both families.

Southbridge is a city of just under 17 thousand people and about an hour south and west to Boston – so just far enough to enjoy a city then get out and go home to the suburbs.

It is here that two families – that of 17-year-old Dante Callor, and K’Shaun Webster – feel the memories of their children, their right to be at peace, has been tread upon. The

Why is this so? Dante and K’Shaun were buried in the wrong graves. It was the result of a paperwork snafu in the office of the funeral home in question.

The families wanted them buried together but being buried in the wrong plots was understandably beyond the pale. Because of COVID, in-person mourning over their dead was not practical – with that, the families started getting texts from their friends when they could go to the plot.

Relatives took pictures of the headstones which were in turn shown to families. The funeral parlor in question wanted one of the bodies exhumed to absolutely verify that the graves were indeed wrong.

So, the families reluctantly agreed to have Dante’s body exhumed – with the city acting as mediator. They did and found that yes indeed the graves were in the wrong spots.

Still, it ultimately took the city to stay on the funeral homes to get this mistake revised. Sad, indeed.

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