One last ditch effort: was the “Jasper County John Doe” a victim of “Highway Killer” Larry Eyler?

Wess Haubrich
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The hope is that forensic genealogy will finally bring some closure.

A multi-agency patchwork of the Trans Doe Task Force, the Jasper County Coroner’s Office, and the private firm of Redgrave Research Forensic Services are all teaming up to finally get the identity of the Jasper County John Doe.

This John Doe has been dead and nameless for around 40 years as the 1983 date is about one full year to two full years after he died according to the medical examiner. His description matched no local missing person reports, nor did any local claim to know him.

Jasper County John was first discovered on October 15, 1983, on a road near Rennselaer, Indiana. Medical estimations at the time put the dead youth as between age 18 through age 26. His height was between 5’6” and 5’8”. He had a healed fracture to his left femur.

Several articles of clothing were left near Jasper County John. A gray hooded sweatshirt, one pair of Levi’s jeans, a size 28 brown belt, gray burgundy socks, and suede athletic shoes, size 11 ½.

The local coroner has been working as of now a full decade to identify John Doe.

Redgrave Research’s primary niche is in violent crimes involving the LGBTQ+ community. The crimes of the Highway Killer, Larry Eyler, who was executed in 1994, absolutely fit their investigative mission. In fact, Larry Eyler allegedly confessed to 19 more murders to his attorney before being executed. One of those murders was Jasper County, John Doe.

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