Wanting DNA evidence, TN detective drives teenage rape victim to get an abortion

Wess Haubrich

Earps.McMinn County Sheriff's Office

The Detective got three days suspension for a policy violation.

As a male and a white man, I cannot remotely imagine what carrying the products of your rape inside your body would feel like, psychologically and biologically. I am not going to rehash how I feel opinion-wise on the issue, as this is not the place for that (you can read an editorial I wrote years ago on the issue by going here).

McMinn County is a sleepy place occasionally livened up by something coming in off Highway 75 which bisects the county at a 45-degree angle, cutting the place in half from the geography in the county’s southwest to the half the geography in the county’s northeast.

This is where investigator Craig Earps drove a young woman to get the fetus growing inside her – the products of her rape – aborted by a licensed physician. Earps and his boss, Sheriff Joe Guy, both pointed out that the victim and her parents wanted the procedure done, in part because they did not want their daughter seeking one in dim alleyways and street corners only lit by a flickering streetlight and malfunctioning stoplight that now only flashes red.

Sheriff Guy does not defend Earps’ use of a county cruiser. But he does fully defend his deputy in seeking justice for the victim. She asked to be driven and her parents consented to the procedure. For her part, the victim told Earps that the rape was actually committed in the city of Athens, which would’ve shifted jurisdiction from the Sheriff’s Office to city police.

Because the victim waited too long to report the crime, any possibility of DNA evidence was shot to hell. That is where the fetus came in as a last-ditch effort to get the monster’s DNA.

"It was done legally, but I would’ve preferred it to have been done a little bit differently," Sheriff Guy said. "He was just wanting to catch the bad guy and he let something he maybe should’ve considered pass him by."

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