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Detective/FBI agent charged with bribery, quid pro quo sex, lying to investigators, and distribution of heroin

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Christopher Collare was a detective with the Carlisle, Pennsylvania police department and the head of an FBI anti-drug task force.

A local detective and head of the FBI’s local drug task force is being charged with corruption – specifically taking bribes, quid pro quo sex using his official position, lying to investigators, and distribution of heroin.

Christopher Collare, age 53, committed federal crimes here – as part of the FBI’s mandate is rooting out public corruption wherever it rears its insidious tentacles – and there was plenty to go around in the officer from the Carlisle, Pennsylvania PD.

Collare would often have sex in return for him taking specific actions which would benefit loved ones on trial like getting a reduced sentence.

We know of two women who accused Collare with these charges. He would often simply offer to not appear at certain hearings, like evidentiary ones, he would simply agree to not appear or offer to influence the court in one way or another – all in an effort to get a case dismissed or charges reduced.

“The defendant victimized numerous vulnerable women and in the course of doing so, betrayed the trust placed in him by the public and multiple law enforcement agencies, said Acting U.S. Attorney Bruce D. Brandler. “His actions not only violated federal law but also had a negative impact on cases he investigated.”

Collare apparently lied on a federal form necessary to set up the task force. He lied to the feds when they interviewed him too.

Collare’s sentencing has no date as of yet. The maximum penalty for his charges, 10 years for federal program bribery; 15 years for bribery by a federal official; 20 years for heroin distribution; and five years for lying to the FBI.

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