Friends: FL Man in Haiti assassination plot may have been a patsy

Wess Haubrich
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The mysterious rabbit hole only deepens.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, age 62, is a failed Haitian businessman living in Florida was a key player in the assassination of Haiti’s president earlier this month. Friends say he may have been a patsy for greater interests and a deeper conspiratorial rabbit hole.

Sanon expressed a desire to lead Haiti in a YouTube video. He is, however, a virtual unknown amongst the country’s political class. Friends suggest he was a patsy for more powerful and insidious interests behind the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse earlier this month in an attack that left his wife Martine in critical condition at a Haitian hospital.

So, what is known of suspect Sanon? He is an evangelical Christian, according to friends, and a licensed physician in his home country but not in Florida nor any other state in the U.S. This info was garnered by the Associated Press from an associate of Sanon’s who spoke on condition of anonymity due to concerns about his personal safety.

This associate claims Sanon told him he was approached by people claiming to represent the U.S. Departments of Justice and State who allegedly told him they wanted President Moïse gone and Sanon installed in his place. Their reasoning was unexplainable and more than a tad nebulous.

Sanon’s associate also said his friend would not have participated had he known the plan was not to merely arrest Moïse but to kill him. Sanon’s pastor, who worked with him setting up churches and clinics from 2000 to 2010 in Haiti. It was inexplicable, to them, that Sanon would be involved in any violence.

Meanwhile, Haiti’s national police chief alleges the conspirators were protecting Sanon, who he claims plotted the assassination with them. Police found guns, bullets, and paraphernalia used to impersonate a U.S. DEA agent in Sanon’s house in Haiti, while others claim they attended a seminar in Florida headed by Florida-based company CTU Security, which they claim has ties to the plot through company credit card receipts.

26 former Colombian and a handful of Haitians are believed to be involved in the plot. So far, 23 have been arrested and the others remain on the lam.

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