Bank heist suspects nabbed over Oregon border

Wess Haubrich
Allegedly Joseph Lout and the late model Malibu from the BBVA bank security systemWGET

The suspects allegedly robbed two banks starting last month

Rural Douglas County, Oregon has weird geographic boundaries about it. A sliver sits on the Pacific coast north of Lakeside while the majority sits in the Umpqua National Forest towards the center of the state. The shape roughly evokes the iconic shape of Texas with of course substantially less acreage. The population is slightly less than 110 thousand and Interstate 5 is the central thoroughfare bisecting almost the dead center of the entire five thousand square miles of the county.

It was here last Wednesday that a wanna-be Bonnie and Clyde pair hid out after allegedly robbing two banks 11 and a half hours south on I-5 in sunny Bakersfield, California just north of L.A. on the Kern River.

Joseph Lout, age 43, is accused of robbing the BBVA on Stockdale Highway in Bakersfield on June 23 and the Safe 1 Credit Union on July 1. It is unclear what exact role 29-year-old Amanda Flaherty-Wydur played in the June 23 bank job but she too was arrested with Lout.

It took the community’s help to identify and apprehend the duo as the 6’2”, slim, grey-haired, aged 40-50 Lout was seen in the BBVA bank wearing a black baseball cap, sunglasses, a black neck gater-style facemask, black long sleeve shirt, yellow reflective, construction-style vest and blue jeans, and exited in a late-model black Chevy Malibu.

The pair are sitting in the Douglas County jail with extradition to Kern County, California happening very soon.

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