Winthrop, MA

Little clues left in wake of incident of mass racial violence in Winthrop, Mass.

Wess Haubrich
Where Allen crashed the moving truckBoston Globe

Nathan Allen was a seemingly un-assuming physical therapist with a PhD before he stole a truck, slammed it into a house, and shot two people.

Winthrop, Massachusetts is a tiny hamlet of 18 and a half thousand and change and only 16 miles away from Boston. A week ago, this quiet town was rocked by unspeakable violence.

28-year-old Nathan Allen stole a box truck, crashed into another vehicle, then into a house, where he brutally shot two people of color: retired Winthrop Police Officer David Green and Air Force veteran Ramona Cooper.

Winthrop resident Paulo Correia was in his car with his 15-year-old son when the carnage started. Allen hopped in the back of his car and commanded him to drive.

Correia, for his part, thought the man was injured and needed help, so he begged him to get out and get an ambulance.

As Correia recalls, “Then he said something which makes my blood run cold when I remember it. He says, ‘Don’t you think the world has gotten a little weird now?’”

That’s when Allen got out of the car, lifted his shirt, brandished a black handgun, and shot Ramona Cooper to death. He continued down the street until he met David Green.

As is often the case in these instances, the perpetrator was killed by an on-duty police sergeant before his rein of terror could go any further than the trail of two people dead.

Correia believes Allen could have been headed to a few of the Jewish temples in the area. This idea is seemingly buttressed by what was found in notebooks at his home – antisemitic screeds and swastikas.

The Boston Globe was unable to dig up any evidence of Allen’s trip down the rabbit hole via social accounts of his that they accessed. He was married, employed with a doctorate, and had zero criminal history.

Watch this space for more as we hear it.

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