Mail-carrier gets 5 years’ probation for voter fraud

Wess Haubrich

This is one of the only verified cases of voter fraud in the last presidential election.

A West Virginia mail carrier has been given five years’ probation for altering five ballots. Three of five of the ballot’s party affiliations were switched from… *drum roll*… Democrat to Republican.

It is important to realize that real experts on voter fraud – people without a political agenda or an ax to grind and who have studied the problem for years – have repeatedly concluded that, while yes, it does occur, the rate is so infinitesimally small it could not affect an election.

Pendleton County mail carrier Thomas Cooper – age 48 – was sentenced to five years’ probation, with the first six months being spent in home confinement. The charges? Attempted election fraud. Although to be a bit more technical, the charges were one count of “Attempt to Defraud the Residents of West Virginia of a Fair Election” coupled with one count of “injury to the mail.”

Around April in 2020, the Pendleton County Clerk noticed “2020 Primary Election COVID-19 Mail-In Absentee Request forms from eight voters on which the voter's party-ballot request appeared to have been altered.”

From this point, the Pendleton County Clerk sent their findings up the food chain to the state attorney general who launched their own investigation.

The Secretary of State’s office found the five ballots altered from “Democrat” to “Republican” while three separate ballots were altered in different ways.

Stay tuned here for more coverage on crime related to the 2020 Presidential Race as the author hears it.

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