Update: WV serial killing V.A. nurse moved to Alabama prison

Wess Haubrich

Reta Mays killed a total of seven patients at a West Virginia Veterans’ Administration hospital

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You may recall the author’s coverage here on a NewsBreak of “angel of death” Veterans’ Administration hospital nurse Reta Mays.

Mays was recently tried for and found guilty of seven homicides plus one count of assault at the Louis A. Johnson Veterans’ Administration Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia. In May, Mays was given a total of seven consecutive life sentences plus 20 years in federal prison.

The angel of death serial killing nurse made her patients overdose on insulin, thinking it would effectively conceal her twisted crimes. All it did was cause each victim to die in an exceedingly painful way. Death typically happens from extreme hypoglycemia and insulin shock after confusion, anxiety, tachycardia, extreme hunger, psychosis, seizures, pronounced tremor, and coma or quick loss of consciousness.

The author has argued before that Mays fits the “angel of death” (alternately, “angel of mercy”) killer profile to a tee. Angels of Death (like doctors Harold Shipman in the UK and Michael Swango in the U.S.) kill those they have in their charge to protect, usually their patients.

Motives for angel of death killers vary widely but include “the straight sadistic, the God or savior complex, the otherwise delusional, the sexual (see Jane Toppan as an example), and the financial (see [the “Starvation Doctor”] Linda Hazzard [as an example]).”

Mays has now officially been moved to FCI Aliceville in Alabama – a low-security women’s federal prison – where she will likely spend the rest of her days on Earth.

Let’s hope she stays there for good. Let us also never forget her victims, the brave veterans who sacrificed so much for us only to be murdered by a monster: “Robert Edge Sr., Robert Kozul, Archie Edgell, George Shaw, W.A.H. [only the initials are in the public record], Felix McDermott and Raymond Golden.”

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