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Philly Police say they have taken a “serial killer” into custody for the murder of a Dunkin’ Donuts manager

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Christine LugoCBS Philadelphia

Does Keith Gibson fit the generally accepted definition of “serial killer”?

41-year-old Christine Lugo was shot and killed during an early Saturday morning robbery at the Dunkin’ Donuts she managed at the 500 block of West Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia around 5:30 AM.

Surveillance video shows the mother of two cooperating with the gunman by handing him the cash from the register drawer as he held her hostage with a cheap Saturday night special. Even though she obeyed his demands, the gunman displayed a total psychopathic disregard for human life by shooting Lugo once in the head, killing her.

After the Dunkin’ robbery and murder of Lugo, police say Gibson fatally shot a 19-year-old in Wilmington, Delaware (about 46 minutes from Philly). He then pistol-whipped a female store employee at a Rite Aid in New Castle, Delaware – about 13 minutes from Wilmington.

At first blush, this would make him look more like a spree killer versus a serial killer – an important separation that the author has written about elsewhere on NewsBreak. Yet, there is more to this story according to investigators.

On February 8, they allege that Gibson also killed his own mother and on May 15 he reportedly killed a T-Mobile store worker in Elsmere, Delaware – about 12 minutes from Wilmington.

In addition to all this, in 2008 Gibson robbed a store and shot and killed the proprietor. He served time for this crime.

Adding all this together – if the government is correct – he does fit the FBI’s definition of “serial killer”, which is three or more separate murders occurring with a “cooling off period” between each murder.

Gibson has been taken into custody in Delaware. Watch this space for more on the case as we hear about it.

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