UPDATE: Mexican Cannibal Killer Was a Civic Official

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We know much more about Andres Mendoza than even a day ago.

You may recall a story the author reported upon on Saturday here at News Break about a woman being brutally murdered after she went to her boyfriend’s house in central Mexico to break the relationship off. It was then that Mexican authorities realized they had much, much more on their hands than a simple domestic murder case.

72-year-old Andrés Mendoza had “earned the respect of his fellow citizens and been a community leader” in the complex geopolitical culture of the suburbs around Mexico City. Mendoza was president of the Council of Citizen Participation in the district of Atizapán.

Mendoza was gifted property as part of the office of president by the then-mayor of Atizapán, Ana María Balderas.

Indeed, as many killers are (see the “BTK” Killer Dennis Rader or Ted Bundy as but two examples) he was a pillar of the Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood where he lived, just north of Mexico City itself.

The woman who was brutally murdered most recently at the residence, Mendoza’s 34-year-old ex-girlfriend, was only the tip of the iceberg with what investigators found.

According to reports, Mendoza filmed his murders of upwards of 15 women over about 30 years, not 20, as was last reported. He strangled most of the women and cannibalized parts of their anatomy.

Investigators found identification cards, 25 videos, clothes, shoes, women’s bags, makeup, and notebooks with names. Many of these items were kept as trophies by the serial killer Mendoza.

Watch this space for more on this story as it develops.

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