72-Year-Old Cannibal Serial Killer Arrested in Mexico

Wess Haubrich

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Sometimes cases break in the oddest ways.

This case has been updated here.

A 72-year-old cannibal serial killer in the Mexican city of Atizapan (just northwest of Mexico City) has been arrested for killing and savagely dismembering his girlfriend with a machete.

Andrés Mendoza was arrested this past Saturday night at his residence in Atizapan where they found his girlfriend, 34-year-old Reyna González. She had been stabbed, dismembered with a machete, and put in several bags.

González went to Mendoza’s residence that past Friday reportedly to break off their relationship. When she didn’t return, she was reported missing to local authorities.

With this timeline of events, it is believed that her murder was a crime of passion and thereby a spontaneous act versus coldly premeditated by a cannibalistic psychopath.

While searching Mendoza’s property with cadaver dogs, law enforcement found the remains of eight other women. Imagen Television reported that Mendoza admitted to cannibalizing parts of his victims and filming his murders.

The Attorney General’s Office believes the eight victims covered about a 20-year history of violence and abject debauchery by Mendoza as a notebook with the names of 29 women was discovered along with the videotaped killings.

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