Pedophile State Trooper Manufactured Exculpatory Evidence from the FBI

Wess Haubrich
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The trooper was arrested last week for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl.

The story of Christopher Bauer, the Alabama state trooper arrested last week for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl, keeps getting stranger and more insidious.

The trooper in question had been kicked out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a long string of sexual misconduct allegations dogged him. The direst of which included the rape at knife point of a co-worker in the New Orleans field office. This resulted in suspension without pay and revocation of his security clearance.

This would’ve ordinarily made it virtually impossible to get hired as a state trooper most anywhere. This would’ve been the case here too if it wasn’t for a FBI letter the state trooper forged saying he was clear of all accusations levied against him.

Alabama authorities either overlooked the multitude of violent sexual allegations against Bauer or were unaware of them. The state did say that they did a “full and thorough” background investigation of Bauer when he first applied to be a trooper in 2019.

Bauer is being held on $105,000 bond.

Watch this space for more as this story develops.

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