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New Orleans Man Confesses to Serial Murder in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Wess Haubrich
Joseph Brant

A serial killer roamed the flooded streets of the Crescent City mostly unencumbered.

Serial killers will take advantage of both man-made and natural disasters quite often.

One story that immediately comes to mind regarding such occurrences is Gordon Cummins, “the Black Out Ripper.” Cummins killed four women during the German air raids on London in WWII.

Killers like Cummins have a great amount of criminal versatility – that is, they have gotten away with many a species of crime, from burglary to rape to murder before escalating the violence to serial murder.
Gordon Cummins, "the Blackout Ripper"The Mirror

Such was the case most recently of Joseph Brant in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was already convicted of the slayings of three women in the poorer, down river sections of New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina (and the botched federal response to it) hit the city.

Brant recently made a deal with the state to elocute about his crimes in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. This comes after years of courtroom delays and theatrics from Brant, aged 51.

In 2008, Brant was convicted of 2nd degree murder for killing botanist Jessica Hawk in her Bywater home earlier that same year. He was then sent to a Texas prison to serve the remainder of his sentence in that state for burglary.

Brant’s signature was quite obvious from crime to crime. He would pick up a prostitute or a woman he thought was one, in a poor neighborhood in the city. He would then rape them with a knife or gun and kill them that way, thhttp://www.realmonsters.livert the Real Monsters’ podcast Wess does to get even deeper into these cases. Find it wherever you get your podcasts or here:

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