UPDATE: Spanish Cannibal Convicted

Wess Haubrich

The man ate his mother and fed parts of her to his dog.

The Cannibal of Ventas and his dogNY Post

Alberto Sanchez Gomez was arrested for murdering his mother in February of 2019.

The Spanish cannibal waiter, covered in a previous News Break report by the author, has officially been convicted by a Spanish court.

The official conviction is for strangling his 68-year-old mother and mutilating a corpse. The latter charge is for cutting her body using a carpenter’s saw and large kitchen knife into “1000 pieces”, eating some himself, and feeding pieces to his dog.

He then put much of the rest of her inside plastic lunch containers. He put her bones in various drawers around their tiny flat in Madrid.

Gomez alleged he heard voices emanating from their TV telling him to kill his mother – the voices were those of neighbors, celebrities, and acquaintances. In psychiatry, this type of hallucination is known as a “command hallucination.” It is quite common in schizophrenia; especially of the paranoid type. This, in turn, could have been exacerbated by drug use on his part.

The judge in the case will hand down the sentence in the coming days.

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