UPDATE: Legal Fireworks Ahead of Veterans Hospital Serial Killer Sentencing this Month

Wess Haubrich

They involve an admission that should’ve been made long ago, according to the judge.

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You may recall the author’s reporting here on News Break on “angel of death” Veterans Hospital serial killer Reta Mays. Mays killed 7 – and damn near 8 – by injecting her charges with insulin.

While investigators and the courts are keeping mum on the exact nature of the new information being learned, federal probation office Nikki Berger learned something during the presentence investigation of Reta Mays that should have been on her radar and the court’s a very long time ago.

Presiding Judge Thomas S. Kleeh was also mum on the new information. He further said he would seal the hearing in question if both attorneys in the case asked him to.

Judge Kleeh ultimately decided that was an unnecessary step. He did forward the information to the Bureau of Prisons while saying the new information will not effect the sentence he hands down later this month despite him saying it was his “adamant belief” the information should have been disclosed much, much earlier.

Watch this space for more on Mays’s sentencing as we hear it.

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