Ex-Border Patrol Agent Arrested on Cold Case Rapes in AZ

Wess Haubrich

Score another one for familial DNA matches cracking cold cases.

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The suspect is allegedly the notorious “East Valley Rapist” – responsible for 8 rapes.

The case cracked in Mesa, AZ was a rape/sexual assault that happened around 20 years ago. These were soon tied to other rapes/assaults that happened in Gilbert, Arizona; Chandler, Arizona; and Bisbee, Arizona. All of the rapes/assaults happened between July of 1999 and October of 2001. The Mesa, Gilbert, and Bisbee cases have an abundance of forensic info tying a suspect to them.

A 57-year-old, recently retired border patrol agent named John Daly III has had his DNA linked to the Gilbert and Mesa cases. This happened after a very long lull where investigators had no exemplar to compare the DNA they collected to. Nevertheless, they would have a total of eight crimes to study

This culminates a very long case involving departments from each of those Arizona cities and even the federal government in the FBI and Border Patrol as they solve this tragic, series of crimes.

Watch this space for more about this as we hear it.

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