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Social Media Claims There’s a Serial Killer in Rockford

Wess Haubrich

Winnebago County Coroner: “100% this is not a serial killer.”
Claims of a Rockford serial killer are baseless according to investigators.Q 98.5

Score another one for the mass hysteria machine that is social media.

Viral TikTok videos (embedded below) and a Reddit post claim that there is a serial killer stalking Rockford, IL and surrounding areas in Winnebago County after five dead bodies have been found already this year.


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Police in several jurisdictions say it is nothing but a macabre coincidence. There is no connecting thread between the trail of dead with at least one being a probable suicide, though Winnebago County Coroner Bill Hintz said he won’t discuss further facts of the case right now because forensic examination is still on-going.

In March, a woman was found dead in a storage unit in Roscoe, Illinois – about 19 minutes northeast of Rockford. Coroner Hintz said an autopsy was done on her as well with findings indicating that the death is unrelated to the others. Roscoe Police Chief Jamie Evans reinforced this idea.

So what is going on in Winnebago County? Coroner Hintz says it could be just a weird year – though this is speculation. “Spread throughout a year, we might get four missing bodies a year. So, did we just find ours at the beginning of the year and the rest of the year will be okay? I think it’s a mere coincidence. I don’t think there’s anything to it.”

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