South Texas Inshore Fishing Report for the week of May 23, 2022

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We Go Fishing

Target Species:

· Redfish – Good. The redfish are scattered. Cut baits work well. The minimum is 20” and the maximum is 28”. The bag limit is three per person per day.

· Speckled Trout – Good. Speckled trout are moving to the reefs and hard structure. There are plenty of undersized trout. The trout are good on live Croaker early in the morning. The minimum is 17” and the maximum is 23”. The bag limit is three per person per day. These regulations are for areas South of FM 457.

· Flounder – Good. The minimum length is 15”. The bag limit is five per person per day

· Black Drum – Good. Look for dirty water and follow the schools. The minimum length is 14” and the maximum length is 30”. The bag limit is five per person per day.

· Other: Jack Crevalle are at the jetties along with various other scattered species.

Target Areas and Techniques:

South Texas is beginning to move into summer patterns. The water is getting warmer. Many of the target species are around potholes and grassy areas, but are transitioning to hard packed sand and shell bottom areas. Early morning have been better than later in the day. Look for areas where there is good tidal flow. Be sure to plan your trip according to the major and minor tides for best results. Try to target shorelines and spoil islands.

For Lure Anglers: Paddletails are producing the best opportunity. Down South Burner Shads in various colors are good for trout and redfish including Purple Rain and Twisted Tea. Start with smaller sized lures and move up in size if you are not getting the desired results.

For Natural Bait Anglers: All kinds of cut baits work well for the redfish and the occasional trout. Make sure your baits are hitting in the sand. Live Shrimp catches everything, but you will need to deal with undersized fish. The Speckled Trout are good on live croaker.

Forecast Tidal Conditions For Aransas Pass:

Monday (23) – Low Tide – 4:12 AM / High Tide – 12:14 PM

Low Tide – 7:26 PM / High Tide – 10:05 PM

Tuesday (24) – Low Tide – 5:49 AM / High Tide – 12:15 PM

Low Tide – 7:30 PM

Wednesday (25) – Low Tide – 7:14 AM / High Tide – 12:37 AM

Low Tide – 7:50 PM / High Tide – 12:08 PM

Thursday (26) – Low Tide – 8:24 AM / High Tide – 2:38 AM

Low Tide – 8:15 PM / High Tide – 12:17 PM

Friday (27) – Low Tide – 9:32 AM / High Tide – 4:15 AM

Low Tide – 8:42 PM / High Tide – 12:32 PM

Saturday (28) – Low Tide – 11:01 AM / High Tide – 5:57 AM

Low Tide – 9:08 PM / High Tide – 12:42 PM

*Be sure to adjust tidal activity earlier or later for your specific area on the coast.

Fish Activity Forecast:

Monday (23) – Very Low Fish Activity (16)

Tuesday (24) – Low Fish Activity (33)

Wednesday (25) – Average Fish Activity (48)

Thursday (26) – Average Fish Activity (58)

Friday (27) – Average Fish Activity (69)

Saturday (28) – High Fish Activity (81)

*The fish activity forecast is based on multiple different factors, including, but not limited to solunar information, air pressure, and tidal conditions.

Forecast Wind Conditions and Air Pressure:

Monday (23) – winds from the ESE and moderate – Barometric Pressure falling

Tuesday (24) – winds from the SSE and strong – Barometric Pressure falling

Wednesday (25) – winds from the SSE and strong – Barometric Pressure rising

Thursday (26) – winds from the NE and moderate – Barometric Pressure rising

Friday (27) – winds from the E and moderate – Barometric Pressure falling

Saturday (28) – winds from the SSE and moderate – Barometric Pressure falling

Solunar Information:

Monday (23) – Waning Crescent – illumination 40.6%

Tuesday (24) – Waning Crescent – illumination 30%

Wednesday (25) – Waning Crescent – illumination 20.6%

Thursday (26) – Waning Crescent – illumination 12.8%

Friday (27) – Waning Crescent – illumination 6.8%

Saturday (28) – Waning Crescent – illumination 2.6%
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Sources: Fishing Points App

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