South Texas Inshore Fishing Report for the week of March 6, 2022

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South Texas Inshore Fishing Report for the week of March 6, 2022

Target Species:

Redfish – Look for the redfish to be in holes around the structure. Best baits include live shrimp, gulps, spoons, and paddle tails.

  • Free-lined cut menhaden is also good.

Speckled Trout – Look for the speckled trout to be in deeper water. Best baits include suspending baits such as Corkies. Free-lined shrimp has had some success as well.

  • Also, be aware of the new trout regulations.
  • Flounder – There are few reports of flounder activity. Most of the ones being caught have been small.
  • Black Drum – There are some black drum being caught around the jetties on shrimp and blue crabs.
  • Other: Sheepshead are in deep water around jetties and are hitting live shrimp.

Target Areas: We are moving into spring patterns for South Texas.

As the days get warmer, fish are moving onto the flats to feed. This is the time of year for the flats to become active. Target the edges of flats and slow drifting. The winds have been strong and the water is muddy and cloudy.

Look for edges with steep drop-offs.

Pay attention to water temperature changes. A couple of degrees in water temperature change is a big deal. The jetties are active surf-side.

Fish Activity: Fish activity is slow overall. The fish activity is also forecasted to be low this week. This does not mean the bite is not there, but it means you should take more time working on an area. Pay attention to on water conditions. This is a good time of year for popping corks with live shrimp, a gulp, or your favorite soft plastic. Pop the corks hard when the water is dirty and the wind is gusty. There is not a lot of bait in the water. If you see bait activity, there is a good chance predator fish are around.

Forecast Tidal Conditions: This time of year, winds are very important and will dictate water conditions. Water will be lower with a north wind and higher with a south wind. As always, pay attention to your major and minor tides.

Forecast tides are minimal with a .5 foot variation between high and low tide. There are no negative tides forecasted for the week

Forecast Wind Conditions and Air Pressure:

Monday (7) –winds NE and gusty – Pressure rising

Tuesday (8) –winds NNE and gusty – Pressure falling

Wednesday (9) –winds NNE and gusty – Pressure falling

Thursday (10) –winds ESE and light – pressure falling

Friday (11) –winds NNE and gusty – pressure rising

Saturday (12) –winds – pressure

Solunar Information:

Monday (7) – Waxing Crescent – illumination 25.9%

Tuesday (8) – Waxing Crescent – illumination 34.7%

Wednesday (9) – Waxing Crescent – illumination 44%

Thursday (10) – First Quarter – illumination 53.4%

Friday (11) – Waxing Gibbous – illumination 62.6%

Saturday (12) – Waxing Gibbous – illumination 71.4%
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Sources: Fishing Points App

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