South Texas Inshore Fishing Report for the week of December 13, 2021

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Target Species: This is one of the best time of year for fishing in South Texas. Multiple species of fish are plentiful. Anglers are catching plenty of Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Black Drum. Sheepshead are still slow. There are also reports of Pompano around structure. Do not forget that flounder season remains closed.

Best Baits: If you fish with natural baits, shrimp is the ticket for everything. If you are a lure angler, pick your favorite and try it under a popping cork. Suspended lures such as Paul Browns are hot. Speckled trout are hitting shrimp, free-lined or under a popping cork. Redfish are hungry and chewing on everything, especially fresh cut bait and shrimp. Black drum are hitting shrimp on bottom. Sand trout hit cut baits. Sheepshead show on live shrimp. Free-lined shrimp is best for targeting multiple species. Fish will be feeding heavily as the weather turns colder. Remember flounder season is closed.

Target Areas: The winds will tend to dictate what areas anglers target. If the winds are gusting heavily, look for wind-protected areas. The north winds will push more water out of the back lakes. Look for the drains and target the entrances where natural baits will be congregating. Water temperature continues to drop and the weather is getting colder by South Texas standards.

As the water becomes cooler, winter patterns will setup. A couple of degrees in temperature change will make a major difference. Mud, shell, and heavy grasses hold the warmer water temperatures. Avoid the hard packed sand. Structure is key, whether it be gas rigs, oyster bars, or jetties. Drains from the back lakes will hold more target species, including redfish and speckled trout.

Remember it is still duck season, so be aware of hunters. Look for decoys on the water and avoid those areas.

Fish Activity: The forecast for fish activity is average to very high this week as we head into the weekend. Thursday through Sunday are the peak forecast days for fish activity. Pay attention to your major and minor tides. Plan your trip around those tidal movements for the best angling opportunities.

Forecast Tidal Conditions: High Tides will be .40ft high and we will see negative tides. The most drastic tidal movements will be this coming weekend. The tides may be quite dramatic. Monitor your water levels. Wind direction continues to drive the best angling opportunities.

Forecast Wind Conditions and Air Pressure:

Monday (13) – Moderate East winds – Falling Pressure

Tuesday (14) – Moderate Southeast winds – Falling Pressure

Wednesday (15) – Gusty South/Southeast winds – Falling Pressure

Thursday (16) – Gusty South/Southeast winds – Stable pressure

Friday (17) – Gusty South/Southeast winds – Falling pressure

Saturday (18) – Gusty North/Northeast winds – Rising pressure

Solunar Information:

Monday (13) – Waxing Gibbous – illumination 75.5%

Tuesday (14) – Waxing Gibbous – illumination 83.4%

Wednesday (15) – Waxing Gibbous - – illumination 90%

Thursday (16) – Waxing Gibbous - – illumination 94.9%

Friday (17) – Waxing Gibbous – illumination 98.2%

Saturday (18) – Full Moon– illumination 99.8%

Sunday (19) – Waning Gibbous– illumination 99.6%
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