Texas Inshore Fishing Report for the week of November 22, 2021

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Happy Thanksgiving! It is fall and the fishing is good! More cold fronts will solidify the fall patterns. Anglers should look to target deeper water in the mornings and shallower water in the afternoons when the water warms and the sun is overhead. The north winds will be pushing more water out of the back lakes, so look for drains from the marshes. Spoil islands with access to deeper channels are a good bet.

There are varieties of target inshore species available, which provide anglers with many opportunities. Shrimp under a popping cork catches everything. Switch to larger baits for the larger predator species. Look for the dirty water for tailing redfish and black drum.

Plan to target areas, such as gas wells, jetties, and guts coming out of back lakes. If you are not getting bites in 20-30 minutes where you are, move. Work the channel edges and spoil islands. Be aware of the weather forecasts and wind forecasts. Cold fronts will change the fishing conditions rapidly.

Target Species: Multiple species are good right now inshore. Anglers are still catching the bull redfish in the deeper water. There is plenty of slot redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, and black drum are present and biting. The black drum are schooling, so if you find one, you will likely find a bunch! Remember flounder season is closed.

Best Baits: For bigger redfish, use live mullet, cut mullet, pin perch, or cut menhaden. Some have also found success with blue crabs for the redfish. If you are targeting speckled trout, popping cork with live shrimp is working. Speckled trout have slowed. Black drum and sheepshead are biting on dead, peeled shrimp and Fish Bites. Anglers are catching large sand trout in deep water on cut bait.

Target Areas: Look for birds diving on the bait. Also, look for signs of bait activity. Target the drains coming off the flats and natural cuts around spoil islands. As the water becomes cooler, the fish will be in deep water in the morning and coming up shallower as the water warms. Outgoing tides seem to be working better as the water drains out of the back lakes. Keep moving to find the fish!

Fish Activity: The forecast for fish activity is average to very low this week. The fish activity forecast looks best for Monday – Wednesday. The weekend fish activity forecast is low, but that does not mean anglers should not get out there and find the fish.

Tidal Conditions: Keep aware of the water levels. The tidal flow will be about as it has been recently. High Tides will only be .50ft high and we will not see negative tides. As always, pay attention to the winds. Winds will be shifting in different directions all week and there are some very windy days forecast.

Solunar Information:

Monday (22) – Waning Gibbous

Tuesday (23) – Waning Gibbous

Wednesday (24) – Waning Gibbous

Thursday (25) – Waning Gibbous

Friday (26) – Waning Gibbous

Saturday (27) – Last Quarter

Sunday (28) – Waning Crescent

Sources: Fishing Points App


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