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According to various sources and research, 98% of people die without fulfilling their goals and dreams, meaning only 2% of people become successful in life. This is a scary but true statistic. The question friends, is have you been building your life around the 98% or the 2%?

Today I want to highlight to you, why 98% of people die not fulfilled. You see, the greatest skill one needs when it comes to fulfilling one's purpose is the ability to mobilize resources for purpose actualization. Secondly, it’s the ability to put those resources to good use so that vision is actualized.

Consider this analogy: Purpose is like a meal that you want to cook. So firstly, you create a mental picture in your mind of the way the meal will taste and look - Call that a Vision. Secondly, you then mobilize the ingredients including the seasoning and spices as well as the tool to process or to cut up the ingredients before they are put in the meal. Remember, what determines the ingredients is the mental picture and taste you are looking to have. Once you gather those ingredients, you then work them into the meal in a particular manner and order informed by your vision.

With that example given, let’s talk practically here. You see, for your purpose to be fulfilled, you will need the right ingredients/resources. By resources, i don’t just mean money. It’s your relationship with God first. It’s the environment you position yourself in. It’s the knowledge and qualifications you expose yourself to. It’s the associations (mentors, peers, friends and other connections) that you choose. It’s how you invest the smallest money you have into your ingredients for your meal(vision). It’s the time you spend on your purpose.

Finally, whether its cooking a meal, building a house or farming, the principles are cross cutting. If you can see mentally what you want to achieve and then mobilize the ingredients, resources, or inputs, and then work the process, then you shift yourself from the 98% to the 2%.


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