Feds called in: Case of Gloucester man allegedly threatening police

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Allen Leroy Dowell, Jr.Photo byGloucester County Sheriff's Office

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office said they called upon assistance from the ATF and FBI in the case of Allen Leroy Dowell, Jr., a Gloucester County man who made a video with direct warnings to Gloucester Sheriff Darrell Warren and his officers.

In the video posted on Rumble, those warnings include telling the sheriff things like, there are “a lot” of PMGs (precision-guided munitions) on the high points of the County that are going to isolate Warren and his sheriff’s department.

Son charged & video reply

That video from Dowell Jr. posted on Rumble on August 27 starts off showing footage of police interaction with his son, Allen Leroy Dowell III. Then, the video shifts to Dowell Jr. who explains the charges filed against his son during that incident.

Court records confirm that on that occasion Dowell III was charged with the felony of altering a VIN and two misdemeanors, carrying a concealed weapon and driving without a license.

Dowell Jr. claims these charges were retaliation for an earlier video he made calling Sheriff Warren a communist.

Addressing his son’s charges in the August 27 video, Dowell Jr. said the U.S. Constitution doesn’t require a driver’s license to drive in the United States of America.

He said the truck his son was driving was his and he put a tag over the VIN stating, “this is a constitutionally owned vehicle that cannot be searched without my permission. And he accused Gloucester County Sheriff’s Dept of stealing his truck and his son’s gun amid that incident.

He then sent a range of messages directly to Sheriff Warren and other Gloucester officers. He told them he’s tracking them. He knows where they live. He told the Sheriff, he knows his movements, where he goes to the gym and to eat after church.

Dowell Jr. said there others who are also tracking Gloucester County police. He said him and others know how many deputies there are and how much ammunition they have, he said.

“You think about this Sheriff. Those weapons you got and those vehicles you got and these residents that are out here right now I promise you those high points down there are Rt. 17 are going to be used for a reason,” he said.

“Deputy Lutz, I’m coming after you personally because I will be the one taking the badge off your chest. I promise you that,” he said. “And if you’re married and you got family, you better pick your $h*t up and move. Get the f--- out of this county.” He told Lutz and the sheriff “people” are driving past and watching their houses. Lutz was reportedly involved in the incident with his son.

“Now, I’m not out there promoting violence, by no means, or do I have any ill will against my sheriff,” Dowell Jr. said at one point. “But it was best said in Rambo…’they drew first blood first’.” He said when they violated his son’s rights and stole his property and acted like it was okay, but he cut the sentence short. Then said, “let me know how it works out for you.”

Police go after dad

On September 1, Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office revealed that they executed a search warrant on a home on Salem Church Rd. and investigators were also attempting to serve three felony warrants on Dowell Jr. for obstruction of justice and two counts of threats of death or bodily harm.

“These charges stemmed from recent social media posts made by Mr. Dowell that threatened the lives of law enforcement officers due to the recent arrest of one of his family members,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

This incident led to the closure of Salem Church Rd. as a number of events transpired during the incident. Someone “fled from the residence” and a police drone was forced down, the sheriff’s office reported. There was a structure fire, and “a barricaded situation took place.” After negotiation, Dowell Jr. was taken into custody.

In addition to the three charges police initially went to serve, Dowell Jr. was hit with two more obstruction of justice/resisting arrest charges.

Dowell III was also hit with new charges on Sept. 1 including displaying a firearm in the vicinity with marijuana, having 100+ marijuana plants, and manufacturing/possessing marijuana with others.

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