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Don’t go to Dollar Tree looking to save money on eggs. The company has stopped stocking eggs at its stores in the United States and Canada, a company spokesperson confirmed to Reuters this week.

At this point, Dollar Tree is casting it as if they are pausing egg sales, not cutting them permanently. According to the company spokesperson, the retailer could bring eggs back to store coolers this fall.

This decision comes after egg prices surged and hit record highs in January. But prices started to decline in February, dropping an average of 7%, according to CNBC.

February marked the first monthly decline since September, CNBC added. But it also warned that the declines may not last. “Prices may rise again heading into Easter, which is in April, due to generally strong demand around that holiday, experts said.”

Furthermore, average wholesale egg prices, which is the amount retailers pay, moved up 16% in March as of the 15th. It generally takes about a month for those prices to trickle through to consumers, Angel Rubio, senior analyst at Urner Barry, told CNBC.

The elimination of Dollar Tree as a cheap source for shoppers comes as we are heading into a major egg-buying season with Easter and Passover ahead.

To address high prices, some consumers have turned to Facebook to connect with local vendors. Newsweek said Allrecipes reported that Farmish, a free app that connects local producers and consumers, is one of the best sources to find cheap eggs.

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