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VDOT adding new lights to cut delays at intersection near Stafford High School

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If weather permits, starting March 13, there will be four arrows on the traffic lights drivers see when they’re approaching Rt. 1 from the side streets of Enon Rd. and Cranes Corner Rd.

Currently, there are three arrows displayed on the traffic lights where these side streets intersect with Rt. 1 near Stafford High School. VDOT is adding a flashing yellow arrow to help drivers safely turn left.

With the new lighting, traffic on Enon Rd. and Crane Rd. will see the arrows go through the normal pattern: green, steady yellow, red. But after the red arrow brings drivers to a stop, a flashing yellow arrow will illuminate.

The flashing yellow allows drivers to make a left but VDOT stresses that you “must first yield to oncoming traffic.” VDOT said it will add a sign near the light reminding drivers to yield.

Motorists can expect to see average driver delay fall at this intersection as a result of these signal changes, VDOT said.

Having flashing yellow turn signals reduce congestion, VDOT explains in the informational video above. The lights save time and gas by providing more opportunities to turn left and reduce time sitting at the intersection. They also increase safety, VDOT says, noting that national data says flashing yellow lights can reduce left-turn crashes by as much as 20%.

VDOT plans to activate the new traffic signals around midday on Monday if the weather cooperates.

Drivers should also be aware that VDOT made lane changes on Enon Rd. last week to compliment this new light pattern.

Travelers turning left from Enon Rd. onto Rt. 1 northbound are now using a dedicated left turn lane. Travelers turning right to Rt. 1 southbound or proceeding straight across the intersection to Cranes Corner Road are using a shared lane.

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