Resident tells King George Supervisors the county's car taxes are 'wrong' and 'egregious'

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King George resident David Norford called the car taxes his household faced “egregious” and questioned whether the board of supervisors has the will to do anything about it.

Speaking during the public comment period at the King George Board of Supervisors Meeting, Norford explained that he leases a 2019 Honda from American Honda. He didn’t specify the model but went on to explain that the company sent him a tax bill that was paid on his behalf.

That bill showed the vehicle was assessed at $30,476, which is about $7,000 above the list price when he signed the lease in 2019. Norford found that “unbelievable.”

Thinking the information he received could be a mistake, Norford said he checked with the appropriate authorities in King George. “And they said, no indeed, that is absolutely right.”

Norford said he was also informed that King George Supervisors had lowered the tax rate by 25 cents from $3.50/$100 to $3.25/$100. Although he appreciates the change, it didn’t do much, he said.

Norford has another 2019 automobile [Again, he didn’t specify the exact type.] that was listed at $29,000 and that vehicle is currently sitting at a value of $24,500. As you know, the governor and legislature gave you the authority to lower these car taxes for the community, Norford told the board of supervisors.

“The numbers are egregious. They’re not realistic,” he said. “This board can lower this number and rebate to the citizens of this county. It’s an egregious amount. You’ve got me paying $1,000 a year in tax for a 2019 Honda. And in your heart, you know that’s wrong,” he told the supervisors.

“The other part of it is I hope this board of supervisors will not consider this windfall a pot of gold and go out spending all of the money, this tremendous amount of money from this over-taxation that is being left to you.”
Norford addressing the King George County Board of SupervisorsWatchful Eye

“I don’t know what you’re going to do. You’ve got the authority to take care of it. I just don’t know whether you’ll have the will to do it,” Norford said.

Norford’s reference to the authority granted by the governor and legislature refers to HB1239, which was signed into law in March. It gave local governments the authority to cut car tax rates to prevent huge tax hikes in the face of the high vehicle values seen in recent years.

Before the law was signed, local governments could not be lower than the general rate of personal property, creating an obstacle to cutting car taxes.

When the law was signed, Governor Glenn Youngkin issued a statement saying, “With prices soaring on the necessities that families and individuals use every day, Virginians are in dire need of relief to their wallets. I am proud to sign this legislation and work with the General Assembly to empower localities to lower the cost of living. Many Virginians are struggling due to rising prices, now it is up to local leaders across Virginia to step up and fight inflation with real tax relief.”

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