AT&T boosts coverage with new mobile broadband sites in Frederick, Middlesex & King George

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AT&T added new mobile broadband sites in Frederick, Middlesex, and King George counties.

The new sites are intended to enhance mobile broadband coverage and help give residents, businesses and first responders faster, more reliable wireless service, AT&T explained in a media release.

The new sites include:

  • A mobile broadband site in the Winchester area in Frederick County that boosts coverage and capacity around Shawnee Land and Mt. Pleasant. Another site in the Winchester area improves coverage around Valley Road and Jubal Early Drive.
  • A site in the Hardyville area of Middlesex County boosts coverage and capacity around Hatfield and Grafton.
  • In King George County, a new site boosts coverage and capacity around Kings Mill Road and Kings Highway.

These additions are aimed at helping Virginia residents, businesses and visitors get the best possible experience, but they are also designed to give first responders on the FirstNet network access to always-on, 24-hours-a-day priority and preemption across voice and data.

Addtional spectrum added

AT&T explained that with these latest enhancements, Band 14 spectrum was added to the area. Band 14 is high-quality spectrum set aside by the government specifically for FirstNet.

FirstNet is a nationwide, high-speed broadband communications platform dedicated to first responders and the extended public safety community. It was shaped by the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority.

“We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane. In an emergency, this band – or lane – can be cleared and locked just for FirstNet subscribers. When not in use by FirstNet subscribers, AT&T customers can enjoy Band 14’s added coverage and capacity,” AT&T explained in its statement.

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