The death penalty has been repealed in Washington state.

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On Thursday, the state-sanctioned punishment of the death penalty was eliminated in Washington state as Democratic Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law. In addition to capital punishment, Senate Bill 5087 also abolished other statutes, such as a provision that authorized sterilization as a penal consequence. The bill was passed by the legislature, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, earlier this month.

Governor Inslee stated that he implemented a suspension of the death penalty in Washington State in 2014. The reasoning behind this decision was subsequently validated by the state's Supreme Court in 2018 when they nullified the death penalty legislation. This statement was made by Governor Inslee during the signing of the bill on Thursday. It has been asserted that the penalty has been administered in an inequitable and racially insensitive fashion, which has been confirmed to be accurate.

The decision was lauded by proponents of capital punishment abolition, among them the American Civil Liberties Union chapter in the state. According to M. Lorena González, the legislative director of the group, racial prejudice is a factor in determining death penalty verdicts both in Washington and throughout the United States. This statement was provided to CNN on Friday. We express contentment that the Washington State Legislature has ultimately completed the task of terminating this capricious and prejudiced practice.

The proposed legislation has been subjected to censure from members of the Republican Party, such as state Representative Jim Walsh, who expressed his disapproval of the bill in a Facebook post earlier this month, characterizing it as "yet another regrettable instance of prioritizing the welfare of criminals over that of victims and their families."

The Supreme Court of Washington State rendered a decision in 2018 declaring the unconstitutionality of the death penalty due to its inconsistent application. The court ruled that the utilization of capital punishment exhibited discrepancies based on the geographical location of the offense or the ethnicity of the defendant, thereby contravening the constitution of the state. The ruling further stated that the budgetary resources and county of residence were additional factors that played a role.

According to statistics from the Death Penalty Information Center, Washington State has conducted a total of five executions since the reinstatement of capital punishment by the US Supreme Court in 1976. All the accused individuals were of Caucasian ethnicity.

Research indicates that the race of a defendant may have an impact on the verdict of a jury in capital punishment cases. According to a report published by the University of Washington in 2014, jurors in the state tended to impose a death sentence that was over four times higher when the defendant was of black ethnicity.

Based on the information provided by the Death Penalty Information Center, the number of individuals on death row in the United States as of April 1, 2022, was 2,414. According to the center, 27 states have legalized capital punishment.

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