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Video - Food Halls and Restaurants in Northern Virginia for February 2022

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I wanted to make a video about some restaurants in Washington, DC, but that is in Northern Virginia. If I missed a few or if you're going to let me know which ones you recommend or things that you like, let me know in the comments.

The first on my list is right across the Potomac River in Rosslyn. It's Guajillo. You know - tiny, boutique. They're really known for their mole and many other things as well. If anything, they have a great happy hour - pretty strong margaritas - a good reason for many people, so you want to check that out.

Next on my list is in Ballston Quarter in Arlington. It's metro accessible, and inside of their mall, they've kind of refreshed is Quarter Market. It's a food hall with many of my favorites: District Doughnut, Timber Pizza, Bollywood Bistro, and more. I think there's a sushi restaurant and a couple of other places - sandwiches and good coffee. Some things are all right there in one area - it's at the Quarter Market, so check that out.

Next on my list is out in Tysons - it's Chima. It's a Brazilian steakhouse. It's a bit more upscale and offers a little bit more than some of the other bigger Brazilian steakhouses out there. They're really hospitable, their servers really take care of you, and extraordinary selections of meat - so check that out.

Next on my list is around the corner is Tysons Galleria. They also refreshed their mall offerings. Then, there's Urban Space Food Hall. Finally, there's Andy's Pizza which is fantastic. Great coffee and a couple other different restaurants there too, but if you want to check out the mall, it's a great place to do some shopping do some retail therapy. It's a great place to go.

Out in Sterling is Good Eats Emporium. They're part of the Great American Restaurants group. They really have a craveable menu: Oysters, Deviled Eggs, bacon, and wings. They had everything there, so it definitely has a neighborhood vibe.

Out in Leesburg is another food hall called ChefScape. Massive bar, great big screens for "The game." They also have Korean hot dogs and a Colombian restaurant that's there as well. It's coming along, but that area in Leesburg is a pretty cool shopping area, so you might just want to check that out just to get out of DC.

In Fairfax, there's Ozzie's Good Eats, another part of the Great American Restaurant group. There's a Coastal Flats there. Ozzie's is a very expansive menu. It was bustling. I think people know that's a good quality restaurant.

In downtown Fairfax and near the courthouse is Bellissimo. It's an Italian restaurant, a small family-owned restaurant. I think it's great. Feels romantic.

Out in Merrifield is the Mosaic District. You might know that there's a Target there, a couple of different restaurants. It's great for shopping for many unique gifts you will find at the Mosaic District. There's Bloomie's. Urbano and many places that you can pull up to or walk up to and get what you need for restaurants.

In Annandale is The Block, another food hall. Inside is maybe a handful of different restaurants' fast-casual kinds of concepts. There's boba tea, dumplings, some great standard types of items on the menu. Very authentic. So I really suggest heading to The Block in Annandale.

Out in Alexandria, there's Taco Rock. They recently opened maybe about a year ago, maybe less than a year ago, and you know during a time when none of us could really get out, but it's really a great place. So again, a great gathering place for your friends, watching "the game," great happy hour menu, and their tacos are amazing. You can watch them getting made.

Last on my list is Nasime. It's a sushi restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, and they are somewhat a newer restaurant, much more upscale. You're going to have a great experience there. They do kind of coursed menus. There's a seven-course menu for around $95. It's a little bit more on the pricey side, but you're getting a great experience. It's beautiful down there in Old Town, lots to walk around, window shopping and you'll enjoy it.

Food Halls and Restaurants in Northern Virginia for February 2022Michael Woestehoff, The Washington Lobbyist.

Thank you so much for reading my list of Things to Do in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is kind of an excellent place to go. I know it's "across the river," but it's definitely worth the trip. There are a lot of great restaurants and again, if I missed any, let me know in the comments happy to highlight those and visit them.

I enjoy getting out of the city and checking out new restaurants all over the area, so thanks again.

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