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The push for Chase Young to appear on the new Madden 22 cover

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Good Morning Football is tasked with a difficult job -- talk about football for three hours every morning, year round. The four hosts work hard to find topics to talk about, even during the most dormant time of the football doldrums.

This time of year, the fine folks at EA Sports release the highly anticipated cover athlete to their updated Madden Football game. Of course, the Good Morning Football team had to discuss which player (or players -- EA Sports has indicated that there will be two players on the cover this year) should appear on the cover.

Nate Burleson, the only former player on the show, typically has great takes on every question discussed. This time, he clearly had the best take, as his answer to the question was that the Madden 22 cover should be graced by the Predator, Washington's best defensive player and reigning defensive rookie of the year, Chase Young.

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Here's what former Lion's receiver, Nate Burleson, had to say:

Let's go with a guy who was dominant -- and I mean dominant -- in his rookie season. Every time he was on the field, it seemed like he was making a big play. His personality is bigger than life, his muscles are just as big.
The thing about Madden, here's the way it works: You'll get a superstar that balled out, he could be the MVP of the league or a Super Bowl MVP. You're like, 'alright, I get it. He's supposed to be on the cover, But then occasionally, Madden will select a guy who is the future of the game. That's why I believe Chase Young should don the cover of Madden.

Burleson isn't the only person thinking this way.

But, as appealing as the idea of Washington's 2nd year defensive star might be, it's not actually very realistic. Madden released a teaser for the cover athlete on Monday with two goats, leading many to believe the cover will be a split between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

So, while Chase Young may need to wait a year or two for the fine folks at EA Sports to recognize him with his own Madden cover, Nate Burleson is a man with a vision:

I know this is a little bit of a reach, but I wanted to go a little bit different. This is something I'd like to see. I know it probably won't happen, but here's the thing: as good as he is and as well as he's been playing, maybe he'll don the cover in 2023 or 2024!!

I like the way you're thinking, Nate.

In fact, I'm feeling pretty good about you predictive powers.

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