5 Things to Pack For Your Trip to Florida

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Here is a list of things I wish I knew I needed on my recent trip to Florida:

  1. Reef safe sunscreen

Studies show that the typical sunscreen most people wear is bad for coral reefs and kills them. Instead, try a reef-safe sunscreen to protect yourself and the coral reefs!

2. Small sunglasses

Once you leave your trip, you'll realize why I recommended small and not big sunglasses.  Bigger isn't always better especially when it comes to tan lines. To avoid looking like a reverse raccoon, I recommend smaller sunglasses so you can protect your eyes and still look sun-kissed by the end of your trip. 

3. Sand free beach towel

There's nothing worse than leaving the beach and realizing you actually brought it to your car.  With a sand-free towel, you won't have to worry about getting sand all over your rental car or inside your beach bag. It may take up more room in your luggage but I think it might be worth it.

4. Water shoes

I am not talking about the typical water shoes that you would get made fun of for wearing as a kid. Instead, I recommend water shoes that will stay on your feet when you're swimming but will also dry quickly once you leave. A great example is the brand Teva. They are both stylish and functional. 

5. Waterproof bag/phone case

Not necessarily a “need” but more for peace of mind. You can have fun in the water without having to worry about someone going through your belongings and taking your phone or wallet. It's also a good way to use your phone to document your adventure! 

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