Is a Water Adventure Package in the Florida Keys Worth It?

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When visiting the Florida Keys, venturing out into the water is a must.  The beach is fun but sometimes you want more adventure and thrill. If you're like me, then renting a boat yourself is out of the question; there’s too much responsibility and where would you go if you don’t know the area? Your next option is to go on someone else's boat with other people. However, is it worth the money? What's all included? Let me share my experience with you to help you decide. 

There are tons of options online or in person so it can be a bit overwhelming to find one that best suits you. After my own research of different companies, prices, what's included, and so on, I decided to book an all-day water package with a bigger company. This isn't necessarily a good or bad review for this company, but just something for you to consider when looking for yourself.

For the All-Day Adventure package, we paid roughly $170 per ticket. I have seen other websites list similar packages for $150-$230. We decided on this particular company because of their 4.8/5 reviews on Google. So, for the price we paid we got:

  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks
  • Unlimited drinks (soft, water, wine, beer)
  • Snorkeling in a coral reef
  • Parasailing
  • Jet skis
  • Banana boat rides
  • Kayaking/paddleboarding
  • More fun water toys

Writing this now and looking at the website, I feel as though some things were exaggerated but I personally don’t think it diminished the experience. Our only real issue was that when it came time to eat, the employees didn't limit food for everyone's first serving. By the time we were able to get our food, there was only one vegan sandwich so my fiancé and I had to split it. Being in the sun for 6 hours with hardly any food makes for one nauseous person, but we made it work with a ridiculous amount of fruit. 

 Another factor is a lot of websites make it seem like you will have access to all water toys whenever you want it when realistically, you will have to wait for your turn if it's popular. It’s not a big deal: after all, sharing is caring. I was expecting to share with about 15-20 people when in actuality, it was about 45-50.

For parasailing, you were assigned a group and told when to go. You only got to go once, but it feels like you're up in the air for a while which is nice. It was also fun to watch other people go and face their fears. The jet skis were a lot of fun and definitely a must if you're debating a water adventure. The employees have to be able to see you, so you're limited on how far you can go. It’s understandable though, as it's only to keep everyone safe. It also still felt like a big distance from where the boat was located.

My fiancé and I were really excited about snorkeling. They take you far out into the ocean to get to a coral reef. They give a lot of instructions but it was still a little chaotic since it was a lot of passengers' first time snorkeling. It was all worth it because the water was unreal! You can see the bottom of the ocean and there were lots of fish to look at. Even if you don’t want to use the full hour, you can just watch the gorgeous blue water.  It was a really exhilarating experience since it was our first time. Another absolute must is going banana boating. They connect you to a jet ski and spin you as fast as they can. It almost feels like you're on a roller coaster. It's even better if someone (safely) falls off. It was a blast and you could tell the employee also enjoyed whipping us around.

Now that I shared my experience, would I say it was worth it? Absolutely. If you're like us and want to have lots of options while on the boat, then a water adventure package is perfect for you. We were running around trying to make the most of our time and it was an incredible experience.  This is especially perfect if you have a large group and everyone wants to try different water toys as well. If you really only care about one of two things then it might be better to book just that with another company so get to spend your time on something you actually want to do and you might save money since you aren't spending it on all the extra stuff.  Overall, it was a great experience and I'm glad we added it to our itinerary while in Key West.
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