The best photography spots in Imerovigli, Santorini


Without a doubt, Santorini has become insanely popular over the past years thanks to a huge social media exposure, which only topped the overall hype this place has had for years. If you’re looking for the killer photography spots in the village of Imerovigli, here are some ideas.
The view from top of ImerovigliMarta Drozdziel/Author

1. The staircase to Chromata Hotel 

Chromata is not only one of the most incredible hotels in Imerovigli, but it also has many great photography spots around the property. The iconic staircase is definitely one of them! But before you start snapping pictures, it’s worth reaching out to the reception to check whether they are happy for you to take some photos if you’re not a hotel guest.
Iconic Staircase of Chromata HotelMarta Drozdziel/Author

2. Anastasi Church and the bell

Anastasi Church has the iconic blue dome, which creates an incredible backdrop for your photos. If you climb the nearby staircase, there is a rooftop you can access for the panoramic shots overlooking the church, crescent-shaped cliffs and the bluest water you can possibly imagine.
Anastasi Church and the bell viewMarta Drozdziel/Author

3. The roof in front of Alexander suites

Popular not only for bridal photoshoots, this white-washed arched roof has an incredible lookout on the cliffs and the infinite sea.
Imerovigli rooftopsMarta Drozdziel/Author

4. Skaros rock

Skaros can serve as an incredible backdrop for your photos, especially when photographed from the Grace Hotel or the staircase. Take your photography trek to the top of the rock for sunset which will give you endless opportunities and the most dreamy light to capture Skaros as well as the panorama of Imerovigli. 

5. The picturesque streets of Imerovigli

Although many people associate Oia with the iconic blue domes and white-washed houses, you can find these iconic landscapes in Imerovigli too. Simply follow the main road and get lost in the maze of paved enchanting streets which will lead you to numerous restaurants, viewpoints and hotels that will collectively create a perfect backdrop for your photo.
Streets of ImerovigliMarta Drozdziel/Author


Since the 1st January 2017, the whole island of Santorini has become a no fly zone, which means that it is illegal to fly a drone in Imerovigli and other villages. 

The main reason for the drone ban is the size of the island which does not guarantee the safe distance between the towns and airports as well as multiple helipads. What is more, many of the hotels and private villas are exposed to the seaside, which means that flying a drone would put you in a high risk of infringing someone's privacy. 

Although you may have seen people flying their drones in Santorini, it is officially banned and they are risking getting a fine which would be an expensive addition to already expensive holidays.
Church of ImerovigliMarta Drozdziel/Author

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