5 incredible things to do in Imerovigli, Santorini


Located on the highest point of Santorini, 300 metres above its breathtakingly blue waters, Imerovigli is one of the most beautiful villages you can visit on the island.

Immerovigli is a scenic settlement located on the Caldera side of Santorini, just 3.5 km away from the island's capital- Fira. The village was named after ‘vigla’ which translates to "view spot". 

Privileged with its location, Imerovigli is an alternative for those who want to experience the very best of Santorini’s beauty without wandering the busy streets of Oia. If you prefer off-the-beaten-track locations and seek more intimate travel experiences, head to Imerovigli and the views will make your heart skip a beat!

But what to do when you arrive in this spectacular location? Here are some ideas for your trip to Imerovigli.

The views of ImerovigliRyan Christodoulou/Unsplash

1. Take a scenic hike from Imerovigli to Fira

The 10 kilometre trail linking Imerovigli and Oia runs along the cliffside and is a popular thing to do while in Santorini. Although not everyone decides to walk the entire route, the 3,5 km distance between Imerovigli and Fira is a great thing to do when staying in the village. The picturesque route will bring the best vistas of Caldera as long as enchanting streets, churches and white-washed traditional houses- all combined into the dreamiest Santorini landscape. 

Hiking from Imerovigli to FiraUnsplash

2. Hike Skaros Rock

Skaros, an immense rocky promontory formed as a result of the volcanic activity and shaped by erosions and earthquakes, is located by the cliffside of Imerovigli. The hike is relatively easy, takes about 1 hour both ways and is suitable for all ages. 

The path to Skaros is located near Grace Auberge Resorts Collection. Simply follow Google Maps to the hotel and you will be able to find the stairway there. 

The view of Skaros RockAnthony Delanoix/Unsplash

3. Wander the picturesque streets

Although many people associate Oia with the iconic blue domes and white-washed houses, you can find these iconic landscapes in Imerovigli too. Simply follow the main road and get lost in the maze of paved enchanting streets which will lead you to numerous restaurants, viewpoints and boutique shops. 

Picturesque streets of ImerovigliRyan Spencer/Unsplash

4. Taste the luxury of Imerovigli hotels

Imerovigli is home to the most incredible and high-end hotels in Santorini. Although the hefty price-tag is not within everyone’s reach, there are other options allowing you to enjoy the ultimate luxury by Santorini’s best infinity pools. 

Some of the top hotels, including Cavo Tagoo Santorini, offer day access to their incredible pool areas where you can grab a drink and have the best seat for sunset without spending a fortune on a night stay. Simply drop them an e-mail enquiry and the team will come back to you with a day pass quote. 

Incredible infinity pool in Chromata HotelMarta Drozdziel

5. Find the best sunset spot

Imerovigli is a very chilled and peaceful village, and unlike in Oia, the streets won’t be packed during sunset. Enjoying the sunset vistas here is an entirely different experience. You can find yourself a secluded rooftop spot and indulge in the signature views of the burning orange sky reflecting in blue waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Panoramic views of ImerovigliMarta Drozdziel/Author


In order to experience the beauty of Imerovigli, you need to reach Santorini and that is either by a plane or ferry. The island is a popular tourist destination and the affordable flights are available from major European cities including Athens with multiple domestic connections. 

Santorini is also a popular ferry stop with its port in Athinios. You can take the ferry directly from Athens or explore Santorini as a part of an island hopping experience which is incredibly worth doing when in Greece. 

Imerovigli is located approximately 10 km from the airport and 12km from Athinios Ferry Port. The distance between the village and Oia- the island’s main tourist spot- is 9,5 km. 

When on the island, you can either arrange a transfer with your hotel or local taxi company, or rent a car or ATV which will allow you to freely explore other natural wonders of Santorini.

Views of ImerovigliMarta Drozdziel/Author

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