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Marina Grande Beach- Your complete travel guide to Positano's most iconic beach


With its glamorous, sun-drenched beaches, breathtakingly gorgeous seascapes and a historic soul, Positano is a no brainer when it comes to finding a perfect holiday destination in Europe. 

Nestled amongst the dreamy cliffs of Amalfi coast, Positano attracts travellers from all around the world and that’s thanks to it’s spectacular location, luxury hotels and dreamy beaches bordered with colorful umbrellas and enchanting restaurants. 

But somewhere between tasting world’s best tiramisu and sipping limoncello, the visit to Positano’s most iconic beach- Marina Grande Beach- is absolutely necessary.
Spiaggia Grande, PositanoFreja Saubrey/Unsplash


Coming straight from a postcard, Positano's main beach is the lively and cosmopolitan centre of Amalfi Coast. Facing the archipelago of Li Galli, Marina Grande beach stretches for over 300 metres along with vibrant pubs, restaurants and discos. Not only is the beach located in the heart of positano, but it is also the town's social centre. Here is where the locals come to mingle with the world's celebrities and tourists. 

The beach is not only a perfect photography backdrop, but also a spot for an ultimate relaxation under the iconic orange parasols. The waters are perfectly calm and great for swimming which makes Grande Spiaggia a perfect family beach getaway.
Marina Grande Beach, PositanoSean Kelley/Unsplash


The iconic beach is located in the heart of Positano, with the closest airport being Naples (NAP). The journey from Naples to Grande Spiaggia is just over 1 hour. Although Positano is easily accessible by a train from Naples, car rentals are much recommended for the most scenic and unforgettable drive with the island of Capri and Amalfi hills in the background.  

When reaching Positano, you will need to park your car somewhere along the twisted road or official car parks located along the main street. From there, you will need to walk down to the beach, passing next to numerous boutique shops, limoncello stalls as well as vibrant markets and colorful buildings. 

Although Grande Spiaggia does not have a direct access for the cars, it is in the centre of the heart which means that you locate it very easily. The hike itself is moderate and doable for families with small kids.
View of Marina Grande Beach, PositanoEllas Arias/Unsplash


The best time to visit Amalfi Coast and its natural wonders is May-September, with the peak months of mid June-August. If you, however, would like to beat the crowds and get great deals on flights and hotels- April and October are considered the best months to travel. Although the prices in April and October are very attractive, bear in mind that the weather may be rather unpredictable and the water is usually too cold for swimming.
Marina Grande Beach, PositanoJakob Owens/Unsplash


What can be better than indulging in the best Italian food amongst the most spectacular coastal and mountain views? If you’re after real culinary experiences, these restaurants will make you drool! 

-Terrazza Celé- Fine dining experience on the terrace overlooking Spiaggia Grande and Positano hills

-Ristorante Don Giovanni- Exceptional seafood served over jaw-dropping views of Positano

-Ristorante Max Positano- A real Southern-Italian culinary experience. 

-Ristorante Da Costantino- Nestled on the hill top, Ristorante Da Costantino’s pizza is not to be missed. 

-Capricci- Visit for incredible and budget-friendly pizza.
Positano PizzaMartin Katler/ Unsplash


Although the beach itself is breathtakingly beautiful, there are numerous locations around that should hit your bucket list. After all, we are in Positano, a place of natural wonders and rich local culture. 

  1. Visit Positano’s iconic art galleries while wandering its dreamy streets.
  2. Visit Santa Maria’s Church or in Italian “Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta” located just a stone’s throw from the beach, in the heart of Positano.
  3. Rent a boat! Positano is the perfect place to book a day or hourly boat rental. The Amalfi Coast has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and what better way to watch it all than from the sea?
  4. Rent a paddleboard or kayak. Are you running on a low travel budget but still want to take in the incredible views from the sea? To your advantage, there are several paddleboard and kayak rentals across the beach. 
  5. Take a scenic road trip to Praiano for another dose of jaw-dropping views and delicious food. 
  6. Visit the famous Fiordo Di Furore and walk down to its iconic beach overlooking the bridge.
Paddleboarding in PositanoJoose/unsplash


La Sirenuse- The most iconic Positano’s luxury hotel, attracting travellers with its high-end amenities and the spectacular location overlooking Spiaggia Grande and the hills. 

Villa Franca Positano- Belonging to Small Luxury Hotels group, Villa Franca is located right in the heart of the town and provides top culinary and stay experiences. And, wait, it has a rooftop swimming pool too!

Hotel Marincanto- Along with its incredible and iconic restaurant, hotel Marincanto offers enchanting suites designed in a traditional Northern-Italy way. 

Hotel Poseidon- You cannot go wrong with booking a stay in this gem. Everything from the most jaw-dropping views to the highest standard of service is included in the rate.
La Sirens Hotel in PositanoJoose/Unsplash

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