Kelingking Beach, Indonesia- The complete guide


Have you ever come across a picture of the iconic Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida? If you’re a frequent user of social media channels or if you regularly read travel blogs, I’m sure the place will ring a bell. Often related to as a T-Rex rock, the famous Kelingking holds a strong 4th position within the most incredible beaches in Asia, as ranked by Trip Advisor. 

Without a doubt, the last few years of social media hype, brought a lot of attention to the small island of Nusa Penida, which is located only a 30 minute boat ride from Bali, Indonesia. The vast majority of travellers have been attracted to this island namely by the breathtakingly stunning waters and rock formations of Kelingking Beach.


Located in the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida, Kelingking strikes as the top spot to visit while exploring the island. What is more, it has even become one of the most incredible locations to visit near Bali, which makes Nusa Penida a popular destination for day trips from the island of gods. 

What is so spectacular about this place? Kelingking Beach is surrounded by 300-metre high cliffs and roaring waves of perfectly turquoise waters. The rock formations that border the beach remind the shape of a dinosaur and this is why the spot is often nicknamed as T-Rex.


First of all, you need to get to the island of Nusa Penida to explore the infinite beauty of Kelingking. As there is no international airport in Nusa Penida, you need to take a boat ride from the neighbouring islands of Bali, Nusa Lembongan or Lombok. The boat trip from Sanur in Bali takes approximately 40-50 minutes and costs approximately $5/person. 

Once you arrive in Nusa Penida, the best option to explore the island or reach the Kelingking Beach is renting a taxi or pre-booking your adventure with a tour organiser. The roads in Nusa Penida are very steep and poor quality so if you’re not an experienced driver, it is better to travel with a tour company.


The best time to travel to Nusa Penida is April-September, which is considered a dry season in this part of Indonesia. The peak travel months are July and August and this is when the best spots are crowded, the hotels less-available and the prices increased. If you want to beat the crowds and still enjoy the beautiful weather, aim to visit Bali and Nusa Penida in April or May. 

The best time of the day to visit Kelingking is early morning before the first boat from Bali reaches the island. This is when the taxi drivers pick up the travellers and head straight to Kelingking to admire its incredible surroundings. As many visitors come to Nusa Penida for one day only, the busiest hours on the beach fall between the arrival of the first boat and the departure of the last one. If you travel to Nusa Penida for more intimate travel experiences, aim to stay on the island at least for a day or two as this will give you the opportunity to completely beat the crowds.


If you are travelling with a tour organiser, they will bring you to the carpark, which is located only 5 minute walk from the Kelingking viewpoint. The only way to explore the surroundings is by foot. 

Although many visitors only come here to see the viewpoint and enjoy the views from the top of the cliffs, it is much recommended to take a demanding and timely hike down the cliffside stairs to take a swim in the bluest waters of Kelingking. Although the hike is rather difficult, you will be rewarded with the most exquisite views as you go down to the beach itself.


Once you arrive at the carpark, you need to purchase the $3.5 tickets in the small booth. From this point, you can wander around, snap photos and indulge in the most incredible views. 

If you arrive at midday, you can expect the place to be really busy. Regardless of the time of the year, there will be crowds flocking here for a day trip. Luckily, if you head down to the beach, there won’t be many people following you as the majority of travellers prefer to admire the views from the clifftops.


The main two spots within Kelingking are the viewpoint and the beach itself. The trek down takes approximately 45 minutes and consists of thousands of steps that you will have to climb back up in extreme heat and humid conditions. For this reason, remember to bring a strong sunscreen and plenty of water as the weather conditions in sun-exposed Penida are extremely demanding. 

When arriving at the beach be extremely careful as the currents are extremely strong and the waves can knock you down. If you doubt your swimming skills, do not underestimate the ocean which, here in Nusa Penida, shows its greatest powers. 

Kelingking Point is also an awesome location to swim with manta rays, and therefore, there are many companies organising the tours. If you’re a huge fan of rare marine life, make sure you don’t miss your chance to swim with the rays!


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