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Sasaab is a luxury lodge located close to Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserve, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. The property belongs to The Safari Collection, which also owns other luxury hotels such as Solio, Sala’s Camp and the famous Giraffe Manor.

Sasaab opened its door to guests in 2007. The main concept of opening the lodge was to create a community tourism project to help protect and preserve this remote wilderness territory. The Carr-Hartley’s (owners of The Safari Collection) built Sasaab high above the Ewaso Nyiro River to protect it from the seasonal flooding as well as to take advantage of the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


To book a stay in this very unique property you need to go directly to The Safari Collection website or arrange with the travel agents. Sasaab cannot be booked via any other websites. 

Sasaab is best booked at least 6 months prior to your trip. This will guarantee that your dates and preferred rooms will be still available.

The price provided on the website is per person, as in all TSC lodges. Do not be confused when the final bill for two people is doubled!

One night rate per person currently starts at 850USD and includes all meals, game drives and activities. This doesn’t include the plane transfer from Nairobi, however the team would be more than happy to organise them for you. The domestic flight to Samburu costs about 250USD/per person.


The rooms are beautifully designed and blend the Moroccan and Swahili decor. It looks like the entire place has been planned with the great attention to details, which I really appreciated. The entire property is very open and offers panoramic views of the river and the astonishing landscape. The rooms are open tents and each one has a private plunge pool. There is a mosquito net within each room protecting guests from insects and scorpios.


The food in all properties of The Safari Collection is exceptional. Having dinner here and stargazing was an incredible experience! Our lunch was very fresh and light, and the ingredients were sourced locally which gave us the perfect opportunity to try some local cuisine. We decided to have our breakfast while on a game drive, so Jacob- our friendly driver, prepared us food while we watched the herd of elephants cross the river.


The staff in Sasaab are beyond friendly and caring. they always go an extra mile to meet your expectations- even the most demanding ones. When booking your stay in Sasaab, you feel like the weight of planning your trip is being taken off your shoulders, as the Team is taking care of everything. 

In properties like Sasaab, you are being taken good care of. Everyone approaches you individually and you connect with the staff on a different level than you do in a busy hotel. We had so many interesting chats with the hotel managers, who would be incredibly informative and dedicated. Seeing people so passionate about the work they do for the local community and nature makes you feel like you’re a part of it too!


I think that 4 nights, as recommended by The Safari Collection, would be the perfect stay. The property offers a lot of activities and it would be great to try them all. You can even arrange camping out in the wild or having a heli ride. It is all down to your budget and preferences. Although there is a lot to see and do in Samburu, the price of the stay in Sasaab may limit the length of your stay. If you’re dreaming of staying here at least for the night, you will still have a great opportunity to experience an amazing game drive, see the most beautiful animals and have the real taste of Samburu. However- your 1-night stay will be rather busy than relaxing!


Sasaab is on the rather expensive side of safari lodges in this part of Kenya. However, a stay here is not just a hotel bed, but the entire adventure. From culinary experiences, to well planned long game drives and guided local trips. The level of service is at its highest. When on a game drive, the entire experience feels very private. Instead of travelling in the big groups of tourists, you have a dedicated driver who will do their best so you can experience the Big Five of Samburu. With all the great effort the team makes, the chances you will see lions, cheetahs, herds of elephants or alligators are really high!


Sasaab is an open property and each room remains a big tent. Although you cannot lock your room, you have nothing to worry about during your stay. There are guards on duty and they will escort you to your room when it gets dark. They will also watch out for the wild animals.

When organising a safari or booking a lodge like Sasaab, there is always a risk of encountering wildlife and the animals you never heard of. The best practice is to listen carefully to the locals’ advice and obey the common rules. If you do, you will be just fine.


Samburu is located around 1,5 hour on a plane from Nairobi. Travel by car would take you approximately 6:30 hours but this is not recommended. The easiest way is to take a domestic flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Samburu Buffalo. You can book your flights with the Safari Link and it will cost you around 250-300USD/return per person.

The plane you will fly on is small and can take up to 20 passengers. The journey itself is very scenic (and turbulent!). Considering how small the planes are, you will not be able to take your big luggage with you. You can store it for free at the airport and collect upon arrival.

Domestic flights are common for people going on the safaris. It was kind of funny to watch a plane land, drop off the passengers in one location to take off a minute later to continue the journey. It felt like a bus ride, but at least the views were incredible!

Upon arrival in Samburu, you will be picked up by the Sasaab Team and on your way to the hotel you will experience a mini game drive!


Considering the property itself, the adventures and game drives- Sasaab may be hard to beat. 

If you are considering a Kenyan safari, Sasaab is a place you want to experience.

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