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Zen Hideaway #1- Explore one of Bali's most unique stays


Approximately 30 minutes outside of Ubud, past vast lush rice terraces, countless temples and palm tree-lined roads, the village of Bongkasa is attracting the visitors with one very unique property- Zen Hideaway. 



Zen Hideaway, as the name indicates, has been designed for the purposes of meditation, yoga practices, relaxation and connection with nature.

The 150-year-old wooden house, partially open to views of the Ayung River Valley below, was inspired by the Japanese aesthetics. Thus, the interior is very rustic, simple and based on natural materials. 

Zen Hideaway is now composed of 3 properties, which on the booking sites are distinguished by number #1, #2, #3. Number one is the very original and it was an inspiration for two other homes. 

Without a doubt, this property has not only become famous due to its rustic design, but most importantly the swing which originated a huge trend. As you have probably noticed on social media, Bali swings have become one of the top things to try in Bali. Although you can visit many and pay for a few rounds, the swing at Zen hideaway offers much more private experiences, and is your own for the duration of your stay. 

The property is located on the hill overlooking the palm tree-covered valley, Ayung River, Volcano and nearby hotels. The area is very picturesque, and so are the views when you’re taking the swing!



Considering the open-living style of the property, Zen Hideaway is recommended for the adventurous couples and solo travellers who do not mind sleeping in a room which is open to the jungle. Although it may be overwhelming for many, the calming sounds of the surrounding nature are a perfect detox for anyone seeking a break from the outside world. 

If you usually stay in resorts, prefer luxury experiences and if you’re afraid of darkness and small insects, you should probably consider other AirBnbs.



The Zen Hideaway rentals can be exclusively booked via airBnB. Considering the ever growing popularity of Bali unique properties, you should hurry and book in advance. 


Depending on the season and demand, the prices start at $150 and go up to $250 for night in the high season. 

There is a small breakfast and a fresh coconut included for every guest, which is a nice touch. Although you can order some basic local food from the local warung, you may want to grab a scooter and take a 30-minute scenic drive to Ubud which is packed with great restaurants and cafes.   

The pick up can be organised from your previous hotel at the cost of 300,000IDR. 



The property is located in the small village of Bongkasa, just outside Ubud. There isn’t a clear address per se, so use Google Maps to locate it. 

You will be going in the direction of water rafting and Bali Swing adds. When you approach Zen hideaway, you will be greeted by a double entrance with a tall fence, which will surely catch your eye. 

Once communicated with the owner, he will greet you by the gate and will show you around.


Back in 2017 Zen Hideaway was a secluded gem nestled on the top of the gorge. It was difficult to locate and nearly impossible to find online. There was nothing around except from locals’ homes and palm trees and the only sound you could hear was either the jungle or chicken. 

Fast forward to 2020, the surrounding changed a lot which has a very negative impact on the property, which once was totally secluded. The palm trees have been cut down to make a space for local entertainment such as photography spots, swings and water rafting centres. What follows, the atmosphere is not as relaxing anymore, when you can hear travelers screaming when taking their turns on the omnipresent swings. 



The two-floor house comprises a huge open-air living and a dining space, 1 master bedroom, a small study room with AC, extra bed and work desk, a big open-air kitchen and a parking area. 

There is also an outdoor shower which totally goes with the entire vibe of the property. 

There are also many places within the property to take a break and fully unwind. The hammock, the deck or the dining area are perfectly designed for the highest level of relaxation over a good book and a cup of coffee. 



Zen Hideaway is run by a super friendly and helpful team of 3.  Wayan manages the property, Cito communicates with the customers online and Kadek does the house-keeping. They are always willing and ready to accomodate your needs and help with any requests- from organising the transport to ordering your food. 



-Although the surroundings are very serene and safe, the property stays unlocked throughout the day and night. I am a very relaxed traveller with an adventurous soul and although I stayed in open-space properties before, I was a little interrupted by the fact that I cannot lock my door. 

-The swing is the property of Zen Hideaway and there are no limits when it comes to using it. However, as the complex expanded by two more homes, all the guests share the swing between them which is clearly stated on the booking page. 

-There are no shops or restaurants within the walking distance of the property. Remember to either rent a scooter or bring your own food and drinks which you can store in the fridge. 

-The Wi-Fi is available within the property, however you may struggle with the stable connection. However, it is much recommended to use your time in Zen Hideaway to fully unwind and log off your devices. 

-Although there are 2 other houses within the Zen Hideaway complex, the properties are relatively remote from each other and separated with the bamboo dividers. If you’re worried about the level of privacy, you can be sure that other guests will not be a bother.

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