The most beautiful waterfalls in Bali


Bali waterfalls are surely some of the world’s most spectacular. With the North of the island being home to the tallest ones, beautiful waterfalls can be found all around Bali.  Make sure you add these to your bucket list for planning the trip to the island of gods!

Let's explore the list of the most beautiful waterfalls, tour planning tips and tourist information you may find useful during your trip.


Due to the island's growing popularity, the best time to explore the waterfalls is early in the morning. Setting an early alarm will allow you to enjoy the waterfalls without crowds. This is also the time of the day when sun rays shine through the rocks, making each waterfall a perfect photography backdrop.

When planning your trip for the rainy season, which runs from October to April, keep in mind that some of the waterfalls may not be easily accessible. Some may also be much more powerful which you need to pay attention to when taking a swim.

There are fees for the access to the majority of the waterfalls. These, however, are usually very small with an average price of less than $1. 

The entrance to some of the waterfalls, like Sekumpul, require the guide. This is a general requirement and you have to be accompanied by a local guide to enter the waterfall area.

Remember to bring drinking water, comfy shoes, swimwear and towels! Most of the waterfalls require a good hike, but they'll reward you with an amazing and cooling swim afterwards.  

The best way to experience the most spectacular waterfalls is to stay at least 2 full days in the North of Bali. Although many people don't include the Northern area in their itinerary- it's one of the island's  highlights. If you can only visit Singaraja for a day, make sure you start your day as early as possible as a drive from Ubud is around 6 hours. For this reason, you should book the accommodation at least for one night. 

Munduk Moding Plantation is one of the most incredible properties in the North of Bali. With its iconic infinity pool, it's definitely worth your bucket list.


Location: 1 hour drive North from Ubud

Entrance Fee: 10,000IDR ($0.8)

Access: over 500 steps, the path gets steep after rain, the way back up is challenging and may take up to 45 minutes 

Time required: 2 hours including the hike

Nungnung waterfall is definitely one of the most beautiful in Bali. It's location is also very convenient if you haven't planned a trip to the North. Although the way to the waterfall itself may be very challenging for many- the views are very rewarding. Nungnung is nestled deep in the jungle and is surrounded by cliffs and forests. With an impressive 50-metre water drop, this waterfall is also one of the most powerful ones. 

Considering the access, Nungnung remains quiet throughout the day. If you cannot visit in the morning, you are still going to enjoy this gem without crowds even at midday.


Location: 50 minute drive North from Ubud

Entrance fee: 30,000IDR ($2.1)

Access: 15-minute walk, easy flat path with a couple bamboo bridges to cross

Time required: 1-1,5 hour including the hike

Leke Leke is a secluded waterfall in the central Bali. With easy access, Leke Leke remains quiet which will make your visit more enjoyable. This dreamy jungle gem is a perfect off-the-beaten-path location to pinpoint on your map!

Although this waterfall is a bit too shallow and small for a good swim, the views are incredibly rewarding. The entrance to the waterfall has recently been renewed and welcomes the visitors with photography spots and viewpoints.


Location: 30 minute drive East from Ubud

Entrance fee: 10,000IDR ($0.7), lockers 5,000IDR ($0.35) 

Access: 10-minute walk, mostly flat path with some well-maintained steps

Time required: 1,5 hours including the hike and swim

Tibumana is one of the most scenic waterfalls and it's the one that takes your breath away once you arrive. With palm trees and rice fields lining the road, the route to the waterfall is incredibly scenic too. Although the waterfall is located relatively close to Ubud, it still remains quiet in comparison to other waterfalls in this area. 

Except from its beautiful surroundings, Tibumana also has a considerable size pool to swim in. You should definitely jump in and enjoy in-between snapping pictures.


Location: 45 minutes North-East of Ubud

Entrance fee: 10,000IDR ($0,7)

Access: rather easy jungle trek, the path is flat and well maintained, but you need to cross the shallow river to get to the main waterfall spot

Time required: 1,5 hour often including the time for photography as this place gets packed with tourists

Opening times: 6AM-5PM

 Tukad Cepung has definitely gained a huge social media exposure after beautiful images of this gem flocked on social media. This waterfall is one of the most unique and magical due to the sun rays

shining through the rocks. It's truly a place like no other! With its mysterious jungle vibe, Tukad Cepung has quickly become one of the most popular spots in Bali.

To get the most beautiful light, you should plan your visit for the hours between the sunrise and 10 am. Not only you will get the best views, but also the more private your experience will be.

As most of the visitors come here to take pictures, you may expect a queue to the main spots.


Location: 20-minute drive South from Ubud

Entrance fee: 15,000IDR ($1.1), 5,000IDR ($0.35) car park

Access: relatively easy 10-minute walk, however one part of trekking up is quite high stairs

Time required:1 hour including swimming

Opening times: 6:30AM-6:30PM

Tegenungan waterfall is one of the closest waterfalls to Ubud, and therefore it has quite a few visitors on a daily basis. If you visit early in the morning, the chances are you will be able to enjoy the place without crowds. This waterfall is great for swimming as it has quite a huge pool so jump in and relax before the hike up!  There are also a few attractions around the area including swings and signs which are popular for taking photos.

After the hike up, you can stop by the small restaurant located just by the entrance. This is a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee and the incredible view of the waterfall at the same time.


Location: 20-minute drive from Ubud

Entrance fee: 15,000IDR ($1.1)

Access: Less than 7-minute walk down the stairs

Time required: 1 hour

Opening hours: 24/7

Kanto Lampo is another waterfall that you can visit within your trip around Ubud. Although the water drop is not the highest, Kanto Lampo is very scenic and can be described as one of the most unique Bali waterfalls. Due to its original shape, this cascade is very popular for photographers and adventure seekers.

Although the access to Kanto Lampo is relatively easy, you need to take star caution when walking on the rocks. They tend to get very slippery and people often forget that when taking pictures.

Considering the size of the waterfall and its vicinity to Ubud, the best time to visit this location is early in the morning.


Location: Buleleng, the North of Bali. Although Google Maps will say 1,5 hour drive, allow up to 3 hours to get to Sekumpul from Ubud. The drive is quite tiring and hugely depends on traffic.

Entrance fee: There are several options to enter the waterfall area:

View Only entrance ticket is pretty self-explanatory and only allows you to view Sekumpul Waterfall from the distance- 20,000 IDR ($1.4)

Medium Trekking (recommended) includes a guide and a visit to Sekumpul Waterfall and Hidden Waterfall- 125,000 IDR ($8.8)

Long Trekking includes a guide and a visit to Sekumpul Waterfall, Hidden Waterfall, and Fiji Waterfall, all of which are located in the same valley- 200,000 IDR ($14.00)

Access: The hike to the viewpoint is a relatively easy 15-minute walk, with some hill path to climb on the way back. The walk to the base takes up to 30 minutes and half of the trek is via the well-maintained stairs

Time required: 2-3 hours including the hike and swim

Opening hours: 8AM-4PM

Sekumpul is believed to be the biggest and the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. The route to the waterfall is incredibly scenic and overlooks the local village, palm tree forests and vast rice fields.  If you want to access the waterfall base, you need to hire a guide which is included in the ticket. If your budget is tight, you can still access the viewpoint and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of Sekumpul. However, the trek to the base will reward you with an incredible swim down the 80-metre high cascaded.

A trip to Sekumpul is definitely worth the money and the visit here is a must if you stay in the North of Bali!


Location: Wanagiri, Buleleng, the North of Bali.  Allow up to 3 hours from a drive from Ubud.

Entrance fee: 30,000 IDR ($2,1)

Access: 15-minute walk, relatively easy with plenty of steps to climb on the way back. Be cautious of the small waterfalls throughout the trails as the path may get slippery where the water leaks.

Time required: 2 hours

Opening hours: 5AM-10PM

Banyumala is one of the least known waterfalls in Bali. Despite its lesser popularity, this gem should definitely make a cut to your bucket list. The cascades of Banyumala are very impressive and so is the pool you can swim in. Even though there may be a few tourists hanging out during the midday, you can still fully enjoy the place without any disruptions.


Location: Munduk, Buleleng, the North of Bali. Allow up to 3 hours from a drive from Ubud.

Entrance fee: 20,000 IDR ($1.4)

Access: 15-minutes walk on paved walkway or stairs.

Time required: 1,5 hour

Opening hours: 6AM-6PM

Munduk Waterfall is a heart of the Nothern mountainous area of Bali. Although this cascade is not great for swimming as it's rather shallow, with a strong water drop, Munduk Waterfall is still epic for a hike or photography! Surrounded by lush jungle and dreamy landscape, this gem is a perfect escape from the busy towns on the island.


Location: Singaraja, the North of Bali

Entrance: Depending on the length of your trek, the entrance fee including your guide is 125,000 IDR- 500,000 IDR.

Access: Relatively easy trek through flat paths and stairs

Time required: 3 hours

Opening hours: 8AM-6PM

Sambangan Secret Garden is a name for a nature and waterfall complex located in the very North of Bali- Singaraja. With its biggest waterfall- Aling Aling, the nature park is full of other gems, such as the Blue Lagoon and Kroya, Kembuk and Pucuk waterfalls. Although it is compulsory to have a guide during the trek, this area is relatively empty and tourist-free which means that your experience will still feel very private. Sambangan is not only a perfect place to swim, but also fully unwind and appreciate the most spectacular views you can possibly experience.

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