How to make working from home more efficient? Useful hacks for staying productive and motivated while working from home


Working from home? Awesome! Until it’s not. 

Although desired by many, working from home may become a huge challenge for some. The year of 2020 forced employees to leave their workplaces and switch from real human interactions to video calls only. How to get used to working from home when all your career you’ve been office-based? How to stay productive and motivated when the entire world is trying to distract you from completing your tasks? Here are the top tricks to maximise your productivity while working from home.


Having a comfortable and organised workspace is key. Whenever possible, try to designate a separate room which will help you avoid any distractions like TV, washing machine etc. Although it may sound petty, you’ll regret setting up the laundry when you’re trying to focus! 

Think of investing in a spacious and comfy desk as this is now going to be your command center. Decorate the room the way you like it, organise your paperwork and get a weekly planner. Those potentially simple things will help you focus on your task and deliver better. Hating your home office may have a huge impact on your mood, decision making and overall efficiency. Trust me, I’ve been there. 


Setting clear boundaries between work and time off is a step towards a healthy and stress-free routine. Sticking to your working hours will help you be more focused and organised, but also maintain good work-life balance. If your working hours can be flexible, try to figure out when during the day you are most productive. Some people will get most of the tasks completed in the morning, whereas others prefer late evenings. If you have to work set hours, leave your most difficult and challenging tasks for the time when you’re most likely to achieve the best results. 

Remember to take your breaks too! Grab a coffee or a snack, just like you would in the office. Once you finish your shift, try not to look at your work reminders, emails or  whatsapp messages- these will not help your mind and body rest.


‘I love my long commute to work!’- Said no one ever. 

There are many positive sides of working from home, which often you need to be reminded of. It’s very easy to get demotivated or frustrated while working from your home office and this is when you need to stop and remind yourself a few fundamental things:

-You save a lot of time on money on commuting

-You can design your own schedule

-You can spend more time with your loved ones

-Your office can be anywhere- make the most of it!

-You can avoid office politics and disputes


Keeping the tasks organised is a key to stay sane while working from home.  You may feel overwhelmed by how many things you have to do, but listing them and crossing out once completed will give you an entirely new perspective. You will then realize you’re in control of your workload and that you’re actually getting stuff done!

Setting the right priorities and completing them before deadlines will make you feel more satisfied with your work, and so will be your boss.


Scrolling through social media or watching funny animals online can be a time-consuming trap. If your social media channels are distracting you- try to find a way to be less involved. As social media are designed to be quick and easy to browse, simply log out of your accounts and log back in after finishing your shift. This easy step will stop you from refreshing your feed all the time and will pause all those notifications popping on your screen. 

If you're easily distracted by any noises coming from your surroundings- think of investing in noise-cancelling headphones. These are game-changers and come very handy in various life scenarios. 


Although working from home can be fantastic for everyone who easily gets distracted by chatty colleagues in the office, it is important to keep in touch with your work buddies. Working remotely for a long time may have a negative impact on your well-being and mental health. The lack of interaction with other people can make you feel lonely and isolated. To help fill the social gap when working from your home office, reach out to your mates and schedule a video call instead of communicating via texts. If you’re self-employed, make sure you maintain a high level of social interactions with your friends and family members. However crazy your workload is, a quick coffee and chat with a friend will only do you good. 


Although tracksuits and pyjamas are the most comfy attire, they do not necessarily help with boosting your productivity. Rather than that, you may feel like having a lazy Sunday afternoon. Dressing casually-smart will help you maintain a better routine and separate your free time from working hours. 

Doing your make-up or having a good hair day from time to time will also make you feel more organised, focused and above all- feel great during those video calls!


Working from home gives you a chance to eat a fresh and healthy lunch every day- how awesome! No more packed or instant foods. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and develop some healthy habits. Eating fresh and nutritious food will give you more energy and keep your brain in focus. 


Sitting all day by the desk may have a long-lasting impact on your posture and physical health in general. This is why you should dedicate some time of your day to exercising. You do not need to spend hours at the gym (however the change of environment is always a good idea). It’s enough if you do a quick workout or simply stretch your muscles after sitting by the desk for a longer while. 

Spending some time outdoors and taking regular walks will help you clear your head after a busy and stressful day. Catching some fresh air on the daily basis is necessary to stay energised and motivated.


It’s very easy to forget about self-care if your days are filled with challenges and deadlines. But in order to keep the balance and have everything under control, you need to start from there. Remember about the things you love doing most and never let work take over them. 

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