Passive income- 6 ways of making more money as a creative


Calling all the creators out there!

Are you currently working crazy long hours to earn every penny that gets you closer to your dream holidays, car or property purchase? I hear you- achieving your financial goals often comes along with hard work, dedication and sacrificing all the free time you have just to get more cash in. However- have you ever heard of passive income? This work structure is perfect for those who can create digital products, just like you. 


Passive income is a way of making money that doesn’t involve continuous work. Although it may require some time, effort and patience, it’s a brilliant way to maximise your potential as a creator. There are several ways of creating your passive income and you do not have to restrict yourself to any. The possibilities are endless and the sooner you realise it, the better for you!


Although some forms of passive income may require investments, creating digital products is all about you and your creativity. With great ideas in mind you can make hundreds of dollars when you sleep. Yes, when you sleep! Once your digital product is ready, it will keep selling online while you enjoy your time off work. This structure is perfect for anyone who seeks work freedom and dreams about working from anywhere in the world by selling the creative goods online. Passive income can easily become a full-time career gig if you are consistent, dedicated and above all- patient. 


Passive income is perfect for you if:

-you want to use your potential to maximise profits

-you want to create an independent career

-you want to work remotely from anywhere in the world

You do NOT need to be a skilled and experienced graphic designer to sell your digital products online. Nowadays, there are many assets available on the market and they can take your work to an entirely new level. You can browse the huge variety of  apps, mockups, templates and fonts which will make the creation process smooth and easy. 



Are you passionate about sharing your writing and photography with the world? Start a blog! With the minimum investment that only covers the hosting fee you can generate a real gold mine. 

When running a consistently-updated blog, you can embed affiliate marketing links throughout your website and collaborate with brands on the paid-ad basis. In simple words, affiliate marketing is promoting products and services via links which generate the commission with every purchase made through your pages. Although affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating income from your blog, it can be also utilized on your social media channels. This means that you can apply similar marketing strategies not only to your website, but also socials!


Releasing e-books can be gold. If you love creating written content and you believe that it would benefit the audience you’re targeting- you should consider writing your first e-book. 

Creating e-books can be relatively quick and easy, but the earning potential is huge. You do not either need a large audience to market your product to. As long as you target the topics that people find attractive, educational or inspiring- the floor is yours. 

Your e-books can be short and very specific, they may come as a series on a topic you find particularly catchy. Remember, you do not need to be an expert in a certain category to talk about it. As long as your copy is backed with solid research grounds and the information you provide to your readers is correct, you can write about anything that comes to your mind. 


Selling your photography on the stock websites is a slow, yet realistic passive income. If you're a full-time or even aspiring photographer, you can make money selling your images and videos online. Although uploading your digital files may be a time-consuming process, they will surely start generating your passive income on a daily basis. 

The more files you upload, the more money you can make. If your images and videos are just being stored in your computer- get them out there and start earning! 

Do not be discouraged by the small payouts the stock websites offer when your image sells. Keep in mind that they are used all around the world and the audience you can reach is huge. 

Although the videos are more profitable and the selling point is much higher, having a decent image stock library will bring you first cents within the first weeks of uploading.


If you’re good with photo editing, or simply love experimenting with adjustments and colours, then you should consider releasing your editing presets. 

This trend has been especially popular since the influencers’ market became a real thing on social media. People started to pay more attention to the quality of their content and yet wanted their imagery to look as good as their favourite creators’. 

Editing presets are game-changer for those who have struggled to determine the style of their content, the tones that work best on their imagery and also the editing mistakes they’ve been making so far. This struggle also applies to new photographers who compare their work to experts and desperately try to get better at editing. 

Selling your presets or editing filters is easier than you think. If you do not have your own website or social media following to market your products to, simply open an account on external websites and start selling!


Are you a photographer with a great portfolio or a creative with basic design skills? Start selling your files for others to print. 

There are several ways of making money on printable files. You can either use your great photography portfolio and sell your images or create simple designs and vectors for buyers to print.

Have you ever looked at any of your photos and thought ‘wow, this would look great framed in my living room’? If yes, why not make it available for others to buy too? Print stores have been very popular recently, but since your work is unique, you may want to start your very own. You do not need to offer printing services- your digital files will be enough as people can print them on their end. 

Other printable files like planners, charts, stationery or quote posters are another huge area for you to explore. As long as you have basic graphic design skills and you can create a nice looking file that you think others would buy- you are all set.


Being an educator is something that naturally falls in line with your success or experience. Sharing your success tips with people who are still learning is a great way of making money and can also bring you a lot of work satisfaction. Online courses are very popular, and since not everyone can afford a degree, people search for the easy and accessible education materials online. If you do not feel comfortable on the camera and video-recorded courses are not suitable for you, why not produce the written content and share your best tips with the world? Your business or marketing tips, templates, documents and strategies may be hugely valuable to someone who is now in the place where you were a few years ago. 

These are my top ways of generating an extra income without having to work continuously. Although having a stable passive income may seem unachievable, it is much easier than many think. Realising what your opportunities are is key- the success will only follow!

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