Opinion: January 6th Was an Attempt to Overthrow the Government

Walter Rhein

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Today is the anniversary of one of the darkest days in our nation’s history. On January 6th, 2021, a treasonous mob assembled at our Capitol and attempted to undermine a fair election with acts of violence, destruction of property, and threats of murder.

Many people have already been sentenced to jail for their crimes against our nation, our Constitution, and our way of life. However, many of the organizers and planners of the January 6th insurrection have not been held accountable.

Some people have said that the United States is more divided today than it has been since the Civil War. Hatred has become far too normalized as part of our political dialogue.

Perhaps the most concerning thing is the entitlement demonstrated by individuals who have lost elections since then. It has become commonplace for defeated politicians to insist, without evidence, that they were cheated.

It’s irresponsible for politicians to make unfounded statements like this. Remember that the men and women who run our elections are our friends and neighbors. When a politician makes a baseless accusation of fraud, they subject people in our community to unfair hostility.

At some point, it would be nice if all the citizens in our country came together and demanded more mature and responsible action from our leaders. There are terrible consequences that come as a result of immature language. Above all, our politicians should be leaders who embody thoughtful and dignified behavior.

The idea of minority rule should be terrifying to anyone who respects the ideals upon which this nation was founded. Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend toward normalizing minority rule.

What else can you call it when a mob marches on our Capitol with violence in their heart in support of a losing candidate?

If they don’t like the idea of free elections, they don’t like democracy.

Sadly, we’re seeing the same trend toward minority rule play out in the vote for the Speaker of the House. Our democracy is again being attacked because a small group of people refuses to support the leader the majority has selected.

It has been 100 years since multiple votes were needed to select a Speaker of the House. Without a Speaker, our government is unable to function.

We don’t have a Speaker of the House because a small group of people refuses to compromise. They want it their way, and they’ve dug in and will not budge.

However, again and again, the American people have indicated that they disagree with this kind of behavior. Once again we’re seeing how a failure to compromise is ultimately detrimental to our nation.

On January 6th, 2021, an entitled mob of insurrectionists attacked our Capitol. Today, a small mob of politicians is again obstructing the ability of our government to function.

At some point, the American people have to recognize that enough is enough. It is not suitable for our society when individuals refuse to abide by the decisions of the voting public.

Small groups of people who routinely oppose the will of the American people and use their authority to bring our government to a standstill must be voted out of office. We can’t capitulate to the entitled demands of those who haven’t earned sufficient popular support to lead.

There is a political movement in the United States that only has the power to obstruct. The best course of action for our nation would be for all Americans to reject this movement.

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