Opinion: The Seditious Conspiracy Conviction Proves January 6th Was an Insurrection

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In response to many of my articles, readers try to promote the false narrative that January 6th wasn’t an insurrection. Politicians have gone on record trying to spin the disgraceful events of that day as a peaceful protest.

The concept of “fake news” has been a buzzword for the last few election cycles. To be responsible citizens, all Americans must learn how to discern truth from propaganda. Unfortunately, most Americans seem to listen to the first hysterical complaint they hear without bothering to do any research.

I find it odd that people who claim to mistrust the media are still so easily swept up in media narratives. One way to get a truthful idea of what’s happening in our country is to sidestep the media and look at the raw data.

Court convictions are not a matter of opinion. Court convictions are not written by journalists. Court convictions represent the result of a complex legal process.

Recently, one of the individuals involved with the January 6th insurrection was found guilty of seditious conspiracy.

Anyone who wants to make the false claim that the January 6th insurrection can be compared to peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, or ANTIFA demonstrations now has his work cut out for him.

Remember that there is a lot of propaganda in the media. The purpose of our court system is to try and separate fact from opinion. The truth is that when people get arrested and ultimately convicted, they’re more likely to harbor right-wing ideologies.

To put it simply, the right tends to be violent and lawless. The left does not.

The conviction for seditious conspiracy is a game changer in the conversation. Look up the meaning of the word sedition.

Look up the meaning of conspiracy. That means that this was a premeditated, unlawful plan. It’s also important for everyone in the United States to understand the significance of seditious conspiracy. This is a charge that entails an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

There is nothing more unpatriotic than that.

I think it’s odd that people who defend the January 6th insurrectionists often accuse others of “hating” the country. I think the only people who hate the country are the ones engaging in premeditated plans to overthrow the government. I think the only people who hate the country are the ones who are part of a political group that has had its members convicted of seditious conspiracy.

These are things that should be taught in every public classroom across the whole country. Citizens of our great country have been found guilty of trying to overthrow the government. That’s disgraceful.

It’s disgraceful that there are still people who fly banners that are affiliated with those individuals. Flying those banners associated with people who have been convicted of seditious conspiracy, not accused but convicted, disrespects the military and our nation.

The narrative surrounding January 6th is still evolving. The bipartisan January 6th committee is still active. In the last election cycle, individuals who were present at the insurrection were elected into office.

Like all Americans, I’m concerned for the future of our country. I think that more Americans should be fearful of individuals in the government who might have participated to overthrow the government.

Again, this is not a left-wing problem. The other groups that right-wing activists complain about have never been convicted of seditious conspiracy. That’s something the right has been found guilty of.

Of course, now there will be an effort to unfairly present our legal system as “biased.”

When the right loses an election, they work to undermine our faith in elections.

When the right is convicted of crimes, they work to undermine our faith in law enforcement agencies.

They use the same plays from the same playbook every time. They either get their way, or they try to undermine our whole country. That’s not showing unity. That’s not showing patriotism. That’s not abiding by the laws of our country. That’s not even being mature or responsible.

American history books and American schools have a responsibility to teach the truth about what happened on January 6th. There has now been a conviction for seditious conspiracy relating to the events of that day. It wasn’t a “peaceful protest.” It was an attempt to overthrow the government.

We’ve seen our first conviction. Will it be the last?

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