Opinion: I Feel MAGA Members Should Be Labeled Domestic Terrorists

Walter Rhein

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The first thing people are going to say in response to this article is, “Why aren’t you mentioning Portland, Black Lives Matter, or ANTIFA?” When you see those comments, you will know that those people didn’t bother to read the article.

The simple answer is that MAGA is violent and the other groups are not. Remember it was MAGA that attacked the Capitol, built a gallows, destroyed property, and threatened to murder our duly elected political leaders.

MAGA tries to hide that they’re domestic terrorists by claiming they stand for religion and law and order. What part about denying subpoenas represents law and order?

Now there will be a bunch of comments that claim that the reason MAGA members refused to testify at the January 6th hearing is that they don’t consider it a legitimate investigation. Well, they’re wrong. It’s a legal, bipartisan, and patriotic investigation.

I know, I know, every time MAGA loses the contest was “illegitimate.” It was “unfair.” There was “fraud.” They sound like a broken record.

But just because MAGA makes a lot of noise about how much they support law enforcement doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t complain when they engage in the destruction of property.

I know I’m tired of how disrespectful and divided America has become. I can’t drive my daughter to school without seeing a dozen racist MAGA bumper stickers that contain profanities. I mentioned this to the local preacher and he was too afraid of retaliation to mention it to his congregation.

That’s pitiful.

Wouldn’t it be nice to return to a time when American men acted like actual adults? Wouldn’t it be nice if people took responsibility for their behavior? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone treated their fellow citizens with respect and decency?

You aren’t showing respect and decency when you run around chanting, “let’s go Brandon” “lock her up” or “build the wall.” You’re disturbing the peace. Sit down and be quiet.

I’m tired of individuals who repeat the MAGA philosophy in positions of authority who refuse to do their jobs and then claim persecution when they face consequences. You don’t see me strapping on riot gear when my insurance fails to cover the excessive cost of whatever prescription medication my kids might need.

Anyone who studies terrorism knows that religion is often used to radicalize people. The United States is facing a terrifying surge in Christian Nationalism. This is a very real threat to our government, our children, and our way of life. We can’t sit around and pretend like it’s just going to go away.

Back in the 1920s, the KKK had a resurgence because they affiliated themselves with the church and became the “morality police.” In more recent history, American women have been denied bodily autonomy through draconian and senseless restrictions on reproductive healthcare. It’s time to start hitting the panic button.

The United States of America has to endure senseless tragedy after senseless tragedy. Innocent people are killed in bars for no reason. Innocent people are killed in grocery stores. Innocent children are killed in schools.

Which political movement in the United States is opposed to the LGBTQ community? Which political movement uses slogans that are affiliated with white supremacy? Which political movement adamantly opposes any reasonable gun control?

I’m tired of seeing politicians who think it’s cute to display all their semi-automatic weapons. You don’t see members of Black Lives Matter doing that. You don’t see ANTIFA doing that. It’s almost comical that MAGA apologists want to turn around and spread the fake news that other people are guilty of their crimes.

As I drive through my neighborhood, I still see all these MAGA flags from the 2020 election. I want to say, “Get a life.”

In modern America, almost everybody knows you can’t fly a Nazi flag.

Unfortunately, too many Americans think they can fly Confederate flags.

When I see houses flying MAGA flags, I’m genuinely fearful that the people who live there might be plotting to overthrow the government.

It’s time that we put aside hatred and violence and made progress toward becoming a nation that values responsibility and decency. If you’re covered in guns and you’re screaming about how you’ve been cheated, you’re the opposite of a responsible person. Think about it.

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