Opinion: MAGA Hate Speech Leads to Violence Against the LGBTQ Community

Walter Rhein

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It’s an unfortunate fact that there has been a rise in political violence in the United States of America over the last few years. I’m fearful that young people today will think these incidents are normal.

When I was growing up, there was nothing like the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. People did not organize armed takeovers of government property. Finally, our nation used to value respect. There was never any consideration that people might march on the Capitol if they suffered an embarrassing loss in an election.

To a greater and lesser extent, these actions represent extremist terrorism. Today, the American public has become so desensitized that we listen to reports about the latest mass shooting as if it’s as inevitable as a weather report.

One of the most recent attacks took place at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. Predictably, some politicians are more concerned with lecturing the general public about who we are allowed to blame for these tragedies.

What about the first amendment? Whenever there is a mass shooting people say, “We shouldn’t talk about gun control right now.” Do the people who say that not realize that we’re living in the United States of America? Why do they want to censor anyone’s free speech?

In the worst cases, the same people who often engage in violent rhetoric try to insist that they are the “true” victims.

I find it odd when members of the MAGA movement try to insist that they are tolerant of the LGBTQ community.

I’ve been writing articles for a long time. My message always includes an appeal for tolerance for the LGBTQ community. If you go to the comments sections of those articles, you’ll see hundreds of comments that contain threats, insults, and other forms of hate speech.

They make false claims like homosexuality is a “perversion.”

They use disparaging names for the LGBTQ community such as calling them “the alphabet people.”

They spread lies that the LGBTQ community “grooms” children even though there is no evidence to that effect.

That last accusation is especially nefarious because if anyone is grooming children for abuse it’s the people who support anti-gay legislation.

The problem with the general public in the United States of America is that people often base their opinions on hysteria rather than facts. They can’t be bothered to sit down and read the actual evidence.

People always find a reason not to talk about the facts. They say things like, “Now is not the time.”

Over the last few years, I’ve cut off contact with friends and family that joined the MAGA movement. Before cutting them off, I had conversations with them. I always found it stunning that these people wouldn’t admit that they were spreading anti-LGBTQ hate speech.

When people leave comments on my articles calling homosexuality a “perversion,” do they not understand that’s an example of hate speech? They sometimes try to justify their philosophy by saying it’s part of their religion.

I don’t get that argument. All they’re saying is that their religion promotes hate.

The American answer to everything seems to be to walk into a room and start shooting. Then, when the shooter is done pulling the trigger and destroying lives, he tries to claim that he’s the “true” victim. He might say that, but it doesn’t make it the truth.

Meanwhile, when I write articles in support of tolerance and non-violence, they quickly attract hate speech and threats of violence in the comments.

I don’t understand why the MAGA community refuses to acknowledge that they embrace violence. They brag about it all the time. Ask any member of the MAGA community how he will respond if the government comes to his house and tries to confiscate his guns.

I don’t have any patience left for all this boasting. Hate speech and calls for violence have been too normalized in our country. You will be able to see examples of what I’m talking about in the comments section of this article.

It’s not difficult to find evidence that the members of the MAGA community spread hate speech. I don’t understand why they think they can pivot and try to claim that they are tolerant. Are they tolerant of the LGBTQ community? Then why are they passing anti-LGBTQ laws? Why won’t they vote to protect same-sex marriage?

They aren’t tolerant of the LGBTQ community and it’s ridiculous for them to try to claim otherwise.

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