Opinion: Will The 45th President Run as an Independent if He Doesn’t Win the Republican Primary?

Walter Rhein

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One of the biggest issues in modern American politics is election security. There has been a lawsuit filed in response to the Arizona election for governor.

Making claims of election fraud is playing with fire. There have been many instances of this since the 2020 election. In my opinion, claiming that an election was rigged without evidence is an example of weakness. It’s just making excuses for poor performance.

My daughter is a youth basketball player. On the first day of practice, the coach said that the parents must be good examples. She emphasized that we represent the community. She said that if our kids lose a game, we have to model good sportsmanship and not blame the referees.

I felt bad for the coach because everything she asked us to do is exactly the opposite of what the most powerful people in our country have been modeling for years.

But like I said before when you play with fire, you get burned. The midterms indicated that the American public is growing tired of the election fraud narrative. I guess what the people are saying is that we want competent, responsible, mature leaders who play by the rules.

We want leaders who take responsibility when they make a mistake, not leaders who blame everyone else.

However, if there is one political figure who has painted himself into a corner on election fraud, it’s the 45th president. The recent trend started with him. The first time he brought it up, the media cut away from his speech.

I remember watching that broadcast when it happened and hoping it would be the end of those claims. But the 45th president did not back down. It feels as if he’s become even more committed to his strategy.

We need to start talking about what’s going to happen in the upcoming Republican primaries to select a presidential candidate for the 2024 election.

Since election fraud is such an important political topic, people need to educate themselves about the election process in our country. The process varies from state to state, but for the most part, the same election officials that run general elections are also involved in overseeing the primaries.

Let’s consider the scenario in which the 45th president loses the Republican primary for the 2024 election. What is he going to do in that case? At this point, if he concedes any election, it undermines his suggestion that the 2020 election was stolen.

I’m a little surprised that the MAGA community is content to allow the Republican party to even hold a primary in 2024. Why should they allow their preferred candidate to run that risk? If they think he is the assured nominee, why not insist on sparing him the risk of election fraud?

Why isn’t the MAGA crowd vocal with the demand that their preferred candidate should be allowed to secure the nomination without being subjected to the primary process? After all, they assembled at the Capitol on January 6th to try to pressure the government to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Why should they do any less when it comes to the Republican primary?

I’m always bothered when I see examples of people who don’t live up to the values they claim to respect. Based on the 45th president’s comments on elections in general, there should be widespread calls for him to run outside the party system.

The acronym RINO stands for Republican in name only. Shouldn’t the MAGA crowd encourage their preferred candidate to take action against detrimental political action from RINO politicians?

If the 45th president wants to send a message that he’s sincere in his stated concerns about the American election process, then why should he stand for another election? He should take action now and declare himself as an independent political candidate who is running against both parties.

Political figures wield enormous power from their supporters. The 45th president continues to have many supporters throughout the country. By running as an independent candidate, the 45th president could do a lot to fulfill his promises to the MAGA community.

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